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August 22, 2008


North Carolina Man Makes Record Catch With Barbie Fishing Rod


(Thanks to Katie in FL and Siouxie)


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if she'd been using the snoopy pole, catfish never would have bit.

It was Barbie fishing gear because everyone knows Ken doesn't have a rod.

And his buddies are saying, "Yall go, gal!"

au contraire, CG. I bought my granddaughter a Snoopy pole and she caught a bass too big for her to land by herself.

Doesn't look as if he is very happy about it . . .

Man, Alyssa really resembles Papa, doesn't she?


MKJ, I'd be embarrassed too.

Apparently Barbie's pole is more functional than Ken's, IYKWIM...

pssst, pogo, it was a, albeit lame, joke in regards to cat fish not biting on a dog pole....

i aint dissing the snoopy pole. i love mine!

So are they going to throw the fish on the barbie or not?

Really? Did we NEED the two extreme closeup photos of him?

That's nothing, when his buddies hear about the Barbie pole he will catch hell.

The Jonas Brothers rod probably would be good for crappies.

He does look a little constipated.

fffftttttt....will yall hurry and take the gol danged picture? This thing is slimey and smells bad...and I'm about to drop mah fish on it's haid....

Papa looks constipated, doesn't he?

When I was a kid, my dad and I tried to land a catfish with my Snoopy fishing pole...the fish got away and the pole broke under the sheer amount of stress.

Evidently, toy fishing pole technology has come a long way since then.

I used Snoopy bobbers to teach my kids to fish. When Snoopy goes under water, pull up on your pole so you can save him from drowning. They landed some nice sunfish that way.

Pity the photo cuts off the Barbie fishing rod (being held by the little girl). It's a lot flimsier than I imagined and makes the feat the more remarkable, and the photograph all the funnier. You can see the unclipped photo on Boing Boing. Worth the detour.

If you look like you've just squat-jerked 500 pounds while holding a 50 pound catfish... you might be a redneck. Other than that, the man's a fishin' hero. His accomplishment is rather like winning a NASCAR race in a Fortwo SmartCar.

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