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August 22, 2008


This kid's dog actually did eat his homework:

Ben Parker managed only a D in English and an E in history after his Boxer Ruby chewed up a USB memory stick containing thousands of words of coursework.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"I'm staying upbeat and thinking that, in the circumstances, I am just delighted that I passed.

Ruby is also happy that it was passed.

26 year old taking A levels (roughly, 13th grade; the last year of High School)?

Even if he only saved it to the thumb-drive, it should still have been available in the My Recent Documents folder on the PC he had used. That boy ain't right.

Yeah, right, uh-huh . . . the dog . . .

an E???

cg, I wonder if they were able to retrieve the work after the passing.

Nah, Siouxie, "She hadn't actually digested it, just chewed it to bits."

My dog ate my Master Card bill but I still had to pay it.

Is our dogs learning?

Is our dogs learning?

Is our dogs learning?

Is our dogs learning?

Is our Clown Puppy learning?

throws clown puppy a treat so he'll quit begging for attention.

"containing thousands of words of coursework."

Seeing as no one else caught this, since when has grade 13 counted the amount of coursework in words? Personally, when I graduated high school my coursework would have been in the millions.

Duh. All dogs like to chew on sticks.

I had a student who claimed that her pet of the feline type chewed through the power cord to her laptop and that she'd be out of regular contact until the part came in.

I suggested E-bay for the part... not for the cat. Even if the student was lying, at least the excuse wasn't my regular death of a family member checkbox.

She hadn't actually digested it, just chewed it to bits.

The computer dork in me has to chuckle at this. Sorry. Boxers rule!!

This is why I don't let the dog use my laptop anymore, no matter how good she is at Quake.

@ Not My Usual Alias,

One of my friends lost a vital computer cord after he cat chewed through it; your student may not have been lying. My friend was furious (this being one of many destructive acts on the part of the cat in question) until her boyfriend reframed the problem.

"So what you're telling me," he said, "is that ... your cat ate your mouse?"

At that point it just became funny.

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