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August 22, 2008


Katrina Candy and the Pizzle Traders WBAGNFARB

(Thanks to Phil Snyder)


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Venison in general is kind of "male stimulant" anyway, isn't it?

Well shizzle my nizzle.

Pizzles can be consumed in various ways – defrosted and eaten; mixed with alcohol, which is then drunk; served in soup; or dried and made into capsules or a paste.

Um..no thanks.

LOL fo shizzle, Punkin!

"There is no reason to dismiss it. It's been used in our country for thousands of years."

Chinese have been eating Scot deer pizzles for thousands of years? Time to rewrite the history books.

There is a reason that the Scottish people are known for their anger, it is just that with globablization of the economy that one of the sources can now become a commodity for export.

When the FDA bans this stuff, I can imagine the next step:

"Hey, you over there," says shady man with a wart on his nose, "I've got some choice pizzle for you. Shhhh. Here, you just add some to your chucky chicken noddles."

what's a carcase?? a garage? confizzled.

Deer Penis, won't you help us to play?
Deer Penis, eaten the old fashioned way
The sun is dark, the sky is hazy
You help us not to be so lazy
Deer Penis won't you help us to play?

(notes that Siouxsie and the Banshees [or something like that] covered this in the 80s)

However, I'm sure our gold medals have been won by sheer dedication...."

as opposed to deer desecration.

It will also add years to Chinese gymnast passports!

*snorks* @ cg and CJ! (btw, I love Siouxsie's version of that)

I've had deer pizzle, and it tastes like crap.

It's called Coors, Sharkie.

To paraphrase Lyndon Johnson, "Mao Tse Tung will never lay his hands on THIS pizzle."

(If you're not into geezer urban legends, you may not fully appreciate the humor in this.)

Paging Karl Pilkington ...
[google him and his most famous quote]

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