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August 18, 2008


Here's proof.

(Thanks to Gina Donahue)


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Do de do de do....

... You say something?

"The wedding went off without a hitch".

Oh? Really?

I think I would be worried God was trying to tell me something....

"That's one lucky man."

Uh, yeah.

The wedding went off without a hitch.

Okay, I'm confused. Did they or did they not get hitched?

And the lightning bolt set the house next door on fire and killed the bug?

Sure honey. You got struck by lightning. Likely excuse.

Huh? Did someone say something?

The groom won't need Viagra for many, many years.

"Don't tase me, Lord!"

Good one Fivver

I would at least consider it a blessing to get hit before the wedding. If it was after I would probably look to the skies and say, "Now you tell me?"


If a bolt of lightning interrupts your wedding preparations, is that a message from the universe?

He got hit by lightning TWICE and he thinks he's LUCKY??



Some idiot was "kite-surfing" at Ft. Lauderdale Beach and ran into a building.


And you KNOW that's cuz he did not listen to the alert weather reporters.

(that would be some GUY ^there)

Slinks in®

Howdy, blogits!

Back from lovely Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and checking in with the gang.

Beijing blogging, Tropical storms, lightning bolts on wedding days... so much to catch up on!

If anyone here gathered has any objection to the joining of this couple, speak now or

----- CRACK!!!! -----

Hey, look at the time! Amen and ciao.....

"If anyone here has any reason why this man and this woman..." ZZZAAAAPPPP!

Whoa, Meanie........

Should we take this as a sign???

*zips off to church, just in case*

OK, does anybody else think there were some whispered jokes between bride and friends at the reception... (he's a LIGHTNING ROD!!!!)

I'm gonna hire this guy as a bug-zapper at my next BBQ (and that's REAL BBQ, not BBQWTF...)

Let's grab a flight to Vegas and blaspheme the night away, Punkin!

Meanie, you silver-tongued devil!

It's a gift, JD.

Welcome back, Cat!!!! did you go to Dollywood?

Thanks, Sioixie!

Yes, Dollywood, Splash Country, Gatlinburg, the National Park, and then Chattanoooga on the way home. I put some pics on my blog. It's nice to get away and breathe fresh air once a year!

So, I take it you still have electricity where you are and aren't too tossed about by Fay yet?



I am spelling impaired today.

Too much fresh air will do that, Cat. I've been there a couple of times and it's such a fun/gorgeous place.

And yes, we barely escaped the wrath of Fay and lucky to be alive. The devastation is devastating.

I'll drink to that.

Glad to hear you're ok.



So, uh, what were you saying again?

Jeff, just say, "I do".

8/8/8::8:8--maybe not so lucky. Maybe he shoud have tried for 7/7/7::7:7, or waited for for 9/9/9::9:9 or maybe even 10/10/10::10:10.

After all, the [four-letter word representing the Chicago National League Ball Club] were rained out on 8/8/88 when they tried to have their first night game after a 46-year delay in the construction of lights.

"dear, where were you? i was afraid you had cold feet."

"not even close."

Yes, I do here take The Flash to be my lawfully wedzapped husband...

*wonders if they played "The Electric Slide" during the reception*


I'm thinking Annie or Siouxie is blocking me...

Are we all back to being buds so I can post again?



Hey, Q, can I give (OMG, am I the FIRST to even OFFER???) kisses to the bride??? CONGRATS!!! (RATS!, cause I was [still am] wishin'...)



The wedding went off without a hitch.

But the lightning strike left him with a funny tingling feeling on his crotch.

It's your lips, frodo. Take a chance, if you dare!

I know that South Florida is too far South to be The South but still, I hope all y'all stay safe down there, y'hear?

Hey, whatever it takes to keep that spark in a relationship.


Suzy Q, congrats!

And YES, The Flash was originally given his power by the lightning bolt that struck his chemistry lab... Not to be confused with the lesser-powered song character "The Streak"...

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