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August 20, 2008


What did you do on your summer vacaAAAAAAACK

UPDATE, perhaps


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Lions and tigers, and, oh my, who forgot the bear?

Why is it with escaped animals, they are always found in the same place...on the loose.

"The Palm Beach Post reported that McCarthy was bitten on the leg by one of his tigers, Sabi, in May while on the set of a rap video being filmed in Miami."

A tiger with taste!

I suppose that despite the dreadful New England weather, I should be thankful for the the lack of lions and tigers.

The principal who was dressed up as the beloved character "Tigger" for the first day of school woke up with a really, really bad headache and had to be released from the cage when he insisted the costume came off.

those crazy ad execs. always going for the movie promotion.

First a tropical storm. Then escaped tigers and lions. Could school kids be behind all this to delay the start of school? Consider this: perfect weather in NY today. No loose tigers or lions. And school doesn't start for two more weeks.

I think it's criminal to deny lions and tigers a right to an education just like any other citizen...

And still the ACLU does nothing....

but it's NY, Braniff. that's enough to deal with.

They immediately ran to the DMV, oobtained drivers licenses, and sped off for a more normal state.

*curses tiny little keyboard and screen on his cellphone*

*grabs extra o and places it over his head so as to appear angelic*

Mmmmmmmmmmm, tigers...

If he made me sit through a rap video, I'd bite his leg too.

Or possibly something else.


Escaped lions & tigers beat the plum puddin' out of a food fight.

"So, how was your first day in Second Grade, Shelly?"

"Well, Mommy, first we all got our desks. Then we got our books. I met Jill and Amber. We're best friends now! Mr. Jacobs got eaten by a tiger. Then we all got to have lunch. After that we came home."

Hi, Hammie!! I waved at you back on the no-pants thread. :D How've you been?

"Ferraro said the lion returned to its open cage on its own but officers put two darts into the animal so it could be safely examined for any injuries. The tiger, she said, was roaming the grounds and took three darts"

So we should make sure we have, oh, I'm estimating six darts handy in case Siouxie goes machete-happy?*


I once had a lion and two tigers in my backyard. Of course, they were cubs. And we had them on leashes.

The reactions of the neighbors were priceless!

Padraig, are you insinuating that Siouxie weighs more than a lion??

A hurricane and feral cats. I can see the movie now.

If I were this guy I wouldn't admit what I did on my summer vacation.

Shhhh, fivv; Sio sent that in to the Blog, so we have to pretend we've never seen it, in case it gets posted.

Speaking of Fay, she was predicted to make a hard left turn after moving North to around Jacksonville. However, she's stopped for a nap, off Canaveral. So now, if she makes a hard left turn I guess she's gonna wander back across the middle of the State. Dang tourist drivers!

"...the agitated cats...were apparently able to knock the door of their cage off its hinges." Gee. That must make the neighbors feel safe.

They are just trying to save on gas. Instead of taking the kids to the zoo they let the zoo come to the kids.

Yeah, pad?? what DID you insinuate?? hmmmmmm??? ;-P

(CJ, I'd smack you one upside the head but I'll let cg do it for me)

For some reason I'm reminded of the scene in Madagascar where Marty the lion gets tranquilized. That was one of the funniest sequences in the film.

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