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August 19, 2008


Lost baby whale thinks yacht is mom

Confused sea turtles march into restaurant

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff, Siouxie, DavCat and Chris Lawson)


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Turtle Soup - it's what's for dinner.

What is it with these turtles?


Customer: Waiter! What's this confused baby sea turtle doing in my soup?

Waiter: The backstroke?

A bunch of confused baby sea turtles walk into a bar.

The bartender says, "Say, we don't get many confused baby sea turtles in here."

The confused baby sea turtles look at the bartender and say, "Yeah, and once we instinctively head to the sea after hatching, you won't see many more!"

Saw a turtle hatching at Seagrove Beach a couple of years ago. Just WOW!

*still worried about the little turtlettes they let loose yesterday*

They're probably at some South Beach restaurant now.

Perhaps ask the turtles to bring the baby whale some Italian...

"Yacht Sucklers" WBAGNFARB

Baby sea turtle: Hello, can we get a table for 60?
Maitre d': Do you have reservations?
Baby sea turtle: A few, but we'll go ahead anyway.
Maitre d': Just one moment, please. Would you like to see the menu while you wait?
Baby sea turtle: No, we already know what we want. What wine do you recommend with hare?

*snork* @ MtB!

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