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August 18, 2008


HYGIENE — Residents here say a cow named Apple chased off a bear that had climbed into her favorite apple tree.

This has been your Hygiene Update


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i love this story. i just was about to send it in when i saw the post. awwww.

An apple a day . . .

My dog was great friends with a bull.

What do cows, bears and apple trees have to do with this? What about showers and brushing of teeth?

These are your hygiene hijinx.

brings new meaning to the term applewood smoked steaks. First you kill the cow, then smoke here over the wood you got when you cut down her favorite tree...aww now, I'm crying.

But she sure tastes good.

so wait, are they saying that this is NOT Old MacDonald's farm? Eieio?

Bossie isn't she?

Bovine + Ursine = Asinine?

oh, *Hygiene* not *hygiene* ... I was expecting a story about a cow giving a bear a bath ... or sompthin.

Nose-touching translation: "OK...here's the deal: You eat at night; I'll take days. You bring me your leftover berries; and we'll go on with the, umm, "milk transfer" whenever it's really, really dark."
"Roger....oops! Here they come"

So, bovines chasing ursines from Apple? Is this a farm story or a stock market report?

Cow and Bear

"...Apple belongs to McDonalds...."


Are you calling my daughter a COW?!

All I know is that after this damned hurricane I'm going out to do some bear tipping.

"Apple belongs to McDonald's landlady, Nancy Dayton, who has a house and three rental units on 14 acres."

Sounds like she's advertising for tenants!

OK, geezer alert, who else remembers the end to "Paint Your Wagon" with the bull and bear fight???

Nancy Dayton, Apple’s owner and McDonald’s landlord, said she doesn’t know if her cow was shielding her fruit or just trying to make a new friend.

Make up your mind you cow!!! I don't need new friends!

Oh wait....I think I posted in the wrong blog again....

They had just gotten out of a late-night MENSA meeting, obviously.

Please disregard my last post. It was intended for a different blog. Sorry for the trouble.

*Where am I? Am I outside?"

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