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August 18, 2008


Woman Sets House On Fire Trying To Kill Bug

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Sounds like she was having a hard time getting that roach lit.

Any house containing a cockroach should be burned to the ground! ICK

Sure it really wasn't a guy?

(groan at CJ. Hope you're keeping nice and dry and looking after crossgirl for us)

*snork* @ CJ

Well, cg has learned that school (started today) is out for Tusday and Wednesday. If she's lucky, her house won't be burned down!

CJ, the BLOB is heading your way! Drink up!

But, dammit, it was a BIG bug.

BLOBBar's Open!

I'll have a hurricane.

*SNORK* at CJ- Knob Hill on the rocks!

I've heard of bug bombs before, just never realized how they worked...

Reminds me of this article... teen lighting a spider on fire... setting the rest of the house with it too!

"Reno Fire Battalion Chief Rick Kajans said a teenager was using fire to try to kill spiders Sunday afternoon"


We used to just put those 'Fire Flys' into a jar

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