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August 21, 2008


Consider going to Flumserberg and leasing a goat.

Key Benefit:
You may, of course, also visit your protégé on the alp during milking hours.

(Via James' Europe Travel Blog)


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At Flumserberg, you may now lease a goat for CHF 350.

They're not worth more than CHF 300. Everybody knows that.

Furthermore, you may spend a nice summer day with the Alpine herdsmen.... I seriosly doubt that...not if fresh mountain air was what you really wanted...

enjoy an exclusive snack...Be careful, they aren't all Rasinetts...

eat for free at the goat fair, and pay less for a goat brunch. If your goat is the guest of honor at the BBQ, do you get a discount? Or at least a reduced rental rate?

I would rather drive.

Goat Brunch? - um, check please!

i suppose there's some sort of fine print in regards to bbq.

Now that would be a WTFBBQ. As in, "You're putting my goat on the BBQ? WTF?"

I clicked on the More Information link but alas, it was all in Swiss. Or German. Some European language. Anyway, I couldn't find any more info on Goats R Us.

Goat fair?

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