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August 21, 2008


Tase my emu.

(Thanks to queensbee and Susannah Nation)


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Emu walks into a farm. The farmtender says, 'Why the long tase?"

A face only a mutha could tase.

The thing I don't get about emus is the cutting. I get that they borrowed the black clothes from the goths and the music from the punks. But where did they get the idea to cut themselves?

It's all fun and games until the emu gets tased

I liked that story; we'll have to keep an eye on Jonas Hogg.

In the Dog Jail now he is!

"We had heard stories of these things, because they are such a powerful bird, such a big bird, with big claws and stuff, could possible hurt us.
CJ - he needs a decent editor. "They're such a powerful bird"??? "Possible hurt us"???

I'm surprised no one has speculated yet on hos "Plop-plop" got his name.

Anyone? Bueller?

Oops - how

I find nothing funny about this.

Annie, that's the point! This is Bay County we're talking about, here, and he didn't feel the need to quash the language. His writing was fine, butt he just let the story and people unfold around him. I thought it was good work. He didn't insert himself.

CJ - I suppose you're all for letting bacteria 'unfold around you' as well.

Only if you're describing a brewery. Or making ethanol from grass clippings. Grass clippings always bother me, especially living in cities. Can you imagine how much we're talking about? Well, I always did, then I ran an experiment. I mowed cg's lawn (huge!tall!), raked it up, then said, "Dayum". She said, "Honey, why are you raking that up? That's not necessary". So, I explained it was about volume measurements. She walked away, shaking her head. Sometimes, I worry about that girl.

What were we talking about?

We weren't talking. We were just settin' here watching the grass grow. Seeing if it would go to seed before you did. ;)

...or bloom.

Well, ya know, actually it would have to bloom before it went to seed. I remember walking this one mail route, well this was awhile ago, back before they let us wear short pants, and my cuffs would get filled with seeds from every lawn. Oh, we're not just talking about the Beggar's Ticks or Ceasar Weed, either. We're talking about your vicious Sand Spurs, plus, of course, the dog poop.

What were we talking about, again?

Emu Tasered? Didn't he just run the 1500m for Eritrea?

It goes without saying (obviously, since nobody's said it, yet) that Tase My Emu WBAGNFARB.

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