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August 21, 2008


Heidi Dalibor, who was arrested for ignoring a municipal violation for overdue library books, said she’ll likely use her library card again – but probably not at the Grafton library.

(Thanks to Afkat)


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Serves her right. She's bringing down the neighborhood.

Do people still go to libraries?

I mean to actually read books?

Looks as if the cops also planted a chip next to her right eye.

Heidi Dalibor = I do hide libra.

Once at the police station, Dalibor was fingerprinted and photographed, the marks and scars on her body recorded...
Um, paper cuts? Or is she an emo/emu?

"Well now we here in Grafton don't go much for them readin' types 'round here. Gets the blood all riled up! Cain't have those people goin' all over plantin' idears inna people's heads, and what-not."

Heidi looks like she'd make a great Java Girl, IYKWIM (and I know that you do).

Here's Heidi's mugshot and booking info.

It just proves it's a mistake to go with Dan Brown and Oprah's Book Club.

That will teach her to mess around with the library cops...

I want to know why they didn't tase her before arresting her? why didn't they lock her up for a long time? we don't need people like this running around loose. if I ever catch my kids reading, I'd expect the police to throw the book at them.

Rut-roh. I recently discovered two library books in the trunk of a piece of sh!t car we donated to charity. We each thought the other returned them... in 2004.

Even if the fines are waived in light of my (plan to offer) buying new copies of each and donating them to the library district and they don't try to send me to jail, the car donation tax deduction is getting cancelled out either way...

One of my good friends is a librarian, and he asks me every once in awhile why I don't use the Library. Now I have an answer!

"Mom, can Heidi babysit us again? Pleeeease?"

(btw- Afkat - loved that Seinfeld episode!)

Bad idea, WD, never try to propose something simple to a bureaucrat. You're better off claiming you returned them to the Bookmobile and making sure the charity receipt lists the books

They'll never figure their way through that!

"Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky. What was the other one?

I'd dew her. In the 'oversize' stacks.

'The Government Inspector' by Gogol.

Wisconsin, huh? Not just the weather is mean....

No kidding, Kathybear. The sp@mmers are mean, too. If I were forced to live in Wisconsin, I'd require a drug treatment.

They let her go after she promised to turn over a new leaf.

Guess she'd prefer to close this chapter in her life.

she is a dangerous crinimal. she can read.

Maybe that's what that bolt is in her eyebrow -for holding a reading lamp.

Dewey, drug treatment here in Wisconsin consists of making you use a smaller beer stein. Painful, yes, but effective.

Ok..back from taking #2 college girl to college. LONG day of driving but good to be home ;)

btw, judi? I really didn't get much rain while driving. I did get home and 5 mins later...STORM. Thanks for worrying though :-)

WINE please~!

Sheesh! Remind me never to move to Grafton. If that is how they treat people with overdue library books, I'd hate to see what they do to people with parking tickets.

Off with her head!

Why do people think it's OK to keep library materials? It's the same as shoplifting and not newsworthy when somebody gets prosecuted for it.

Welcome home Sio; you missed Fay, she left day before yesterday and she's back tonight. You just missed her, and she was asking after you. Honestly, this weekend looks like another foot of rain and having to stay in the house, again. Which is impossible, so it's mud wrestling for the next 3 days. Y'all come!

The judge threw the book at her.

You can't cell a crook by its plunder.

Did she damage the "pop-ups" ?

*name change oops* Morning!

One reason that I don't announce my presence in my home region is that I have a library book outstanding since 1985.

The library cops will never take me alive.

glad you're back siouxie ;) !!

I just added up how much people owe our library (where I work) just for items they stole (yes,stole!)& it came to over $8,000!

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