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August 22, 2008


He's a Floridian, of course.

(Thanks to judi)

Update: Although this guy is also a strong candidate:


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Did anyone see if the guy hanging upside down was ticklish?

that's hilarious. the pictures tell the story. that burglar is the president of stupidland. oh wait, they're brits, so he's the prime minister. plllllllllleeeeeeeez - sir, do not reproduce. and this without alcohol??

The Junkanoo is my hangout whenever I'm in Ft. Myers. Cool place.

And the idiot did it for freakin' Grand Marnier? Stoli I could see.

"Afterwards we had a right giggle about it." That's my new motto.

If he's a Florida driver, wouldn't that mean he got stuck that way in the process of driving through the window?

"The sign said Drive-Thru Window, so I did!" *rimshot*

For padraig.

I knew I'd eventually be able to use that link.

Oops, I confused the two knobs. The burglar who answered the phone was the Floridian. The guy hanging from his shoelaces is a Brit, so presumably he did NOT drive through that window.

Glad I could clear that up for y'all.

Thanks Cat, I was just too lazy to make the link myself. That is easily the most useful link on the entire Internet.

Siouxie - you've got mail.

Everybody else, please excuse this Public Siouxie-service announcement. Thank you.

Take off your shoe.

The guy hanging from his shoelaces is...

We have a lot of stupid criminals around here, but one of my all time favorites (although it is a little more grisly than the robbery ones) happened several years ago with these two drug thugs who kill another drug thug and decide to get rid of his body....

They went to all the trouble to bind him with wires and concrete blocks just like something out of an old mafia movie and they took him to Lake Ouachita, the deepest lake by far around these parts.... (there are parts like 800 feet deep).

They loaded him into a small boat, headed out and then dumped him in about three feet of water about 30 feet from shore..... (I guess they got bored after all that work). So it took a whopping two hours for him to be spotted by some fishermen and they caught the idiots the same day...


they don't seem to be in any hurry to get the guy out of the window. They should have just left him there and called all his buddies over to see him.

clark: Let me know if you need some more ellipses, I'll sell you some of mine.


My Hurricane Fay heroine of the day


Got plenty, Doc, but I am running out of parentheses if you got any laying around...

Maybe a good colon or two :::

ok, so i just read an article about someone in florida who decided to go swimming in the ocean, during the hurricane. she drownded. i usually feel bad, etc. NOT. ''hey, there's a hurricane, think i'll just go swimming in the ocean.... yeah, its a nice day...''
thank you for leaving the gene pool.
i guess this is the stupit people thread.

Sorry, my colons are all cleaned out.

so shoelace guy could endorse:"Loafers, not just for old, lazy guys anymore."

Dr. Bob, did you use Dave's method?

umm... does anyone els have trouble understanding how the yob ended up suspended upside-down? i mean, wasn't he upright when he broke the window and stepped through it? any help?

Mud - the house was temporarily inverted.

I may be going out on a limb (heh!) here but, I think alcohol may have been involved.

I wish they would have given more of a clue as to how he got to be hanging and why he could not get out of the shoe. Must have been a hightop.

queensbee, (blush) and she was from Indiana... *hanging head in shame*

That pathetic perpetrator should pursue a suit on the shoelace supplier.
If those laces were biodegradable,(Or, made in China,)after a while he would have survived to burgle again.

thats AWESOME!! I practice martial arts, working out with your own body allows you to get power and endurance at the same time!! I'm loving this :D

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