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August 21, 2008


They're taking away all the simple pleasures.

(Thanks to The Perts and DavCat)


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Now, if this were used in political conventions....

You don't torture animals just to have fun, that's what PETA® members are for.

The Thetford Chicken Massacre WBAGNFARB, of course.

That comment about rednecks kinda offended me since we take care of more displaced animals than the peta idiots do

The host has a gynecology clinic???


I got nothin'.

Aw, c'mon, Betsy, you couldn't come up with a c0ck comment for that?

eagle eye, is "take care of" a euphemism for eat?

By now it's pretty much a horror movie cliche that if a T rex or some other giant beast is confronted by soldiers, it will bite off someone's head and you'll see the guy standing upright and shaking uncontrollably while blood gushes from his neck until he finally falls down. In a T rex movie this can be funny in a gruesome sort of way. It is not funny when it's done to chickens. It's simply cruel. Sorry, I stand with PETA on this one.

"Our society is hypocritical," Dorval said. "People don't want to see how animals are killed. But I have news for them, the meat doesn't appear in their plate miraculously, you have to kill the animal."

For some reason, I read the paragraph and thought about today's Dilbert.

of all the self-righteuous pea-brained "i know what's good for you because i'm better than you" smug, pinched face, blue-nose humor-impaired hippie crap i've ever heard, this one takes the cake.

sorry, steve.

did someone say cake??

Definitely making a game out of this is sick, but don't confuse PETA's motives. They could give a rat's patootie about the chickens, who were dead one way or another anyway. The whole upshot of this thing is PETA gets publicity and $$. Not one animal's life or living conditions will be affected.

DPC, remind me to share my favorite Vegan recipes with you. They all start with "Clean and debone one Vegan..."

After the first few sentences I just got hungry. Then angry. Then hungry. Then horny what with the gynecology word drop. Then annoyed at smug Canadian politicos. Then I felt oddly comfortable that about North Carolinians being called rednecks because most of us are just simple doctor folk who understand from where and just how meat comes to us.

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