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August 21, 2008



(Thanks to Peter [Har!] Metrinko)


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that would be *snork*le

Now, Dave. "Whoa" is what you say to a horse.


WW3 will be fought over the implications of that picture. That and a barrell of earl.

Note that there's a mouthpiece at the end.

(did I type that out loud?)

Please, please people, if there is a God, do not say or do anything that would cause McCain to follow suit... !

Well, now we need to see McCain's. Afterall, isn't that what this is all about - whose is bigger?

Reminds me of a Murphy Brown episode when two guys were arguing and Murphy says, "Just drop your pants and I'll get a ruler. That's what this is about anyway."

CJ, he must have gotten that idea from Bill Clinton.

CJ, he must have gotten that idea from Bill Clinton.

Stoopid bot.

Dear BHO,

Please go "head"-butt a dog.

The Dread Pirate

SNORK - is it my imagination or is it tilted to the left?

Well, now we know who Souixie and Annie are voting for...

Now THAT is what I call playin' the RACE card!

You know, other than his head from the neck up, he is whiter than me....

And he's got weird appendages....

I don't know. I'm thinking he may be some sort of space alien.

Well, after 8 years of Bush and his ilk, I for one welcome our new alien overlord...

"You know, other than his head from the neck up, he is whiter than me...."

I agree...what's up with that?

Whoops...that was NOT Al Gore...

Sooooo, clark, you have a black appendage poking out of your shorts? :D


"Subliminal political messages for two hundred Alex."

"Answer. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchock could chuck wood?"

"Other than his close association with reverend Wright, what is what Barack Obama is talkin' about, I think if I understand him correctly. Like 'Change' and woody stuff like that?"

"Correct! Simon says choose again."

I have a few extra Kryptonian parts.... but I try to keep that on the down low....

Wouldn't want to spook the ladies....

I like a guy who's "up front" about stuff.

Yeah, you better keep your klyptrgz in your tights, hubby!

*What if Clark is...? Nah.*

Once I zap him with my CialisRay, Superman will be helpless for 4 hours and I will rule the world!

May the biggest best man win.

Was this shot taken before or after he was in the pool?
Siouxie wants to know.

Clark, take Jimmy and get over to the... GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST!

CJ, that's not a mouthpiece. That's a device to make it a 'dry snorkle'. Seriously. heheheh...

It looks like he has a snorkel in his hand to me. I mean, if the picture had been taken a second earlier, it might have been funny. Close, but no, um, cigar?

Baligurl would know.

Well, we all know he will screw us, we just didn't expect it all at once.

"I was in the pool!!!"

Is that a snorkel in your hand or are you just glad to see me?

Walter for Vice President....in charge of all Vice.

bali, I zoomed and you're right; basically, that's a condom.

It's photos like these of the candidates that make me long for the halcyon days of Britney's crotch and Paris Hilton mug shots.....

It was a simpler time.

Who needs an election when you can have a cockfight?

He's bent out of shape by the recent polls.

This comment has been censored - not by the bot, just my own, um, whaddya call it? Oh, yes, conscience, yes, conscience... Whew....

So who's going to be Obama's running mate?

Whoever you want.

Bigger ain't necessarily better. Just sayin'

Behold!!!,...the most useless member in the senate.

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