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July 25, 2008


First we find out that Elvis was around in ancient Rome. Now waxwing sends us this photo, taken in the Field Museum in Chicago:


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WHOA! Same skin color, same nose.
*que Twilight Zone theme*


Not surprised. We all knew Michael Jackson was not from this planet either.

Were any young boys found near this mummy?

Mr. President??

Not Michael Jackson, ELVIS. I see it!!!I believe!

No, I take that back.... You're right... Does resemble the King of Pop more than the King... Sorry - it's been one of THOSE days.... Mojito, please....

Even down to the nose!

So they WERE cursed!

I thought it was going to be Cher, done from life.


Hieroglyphics found nearby have been translated as:

Cleopatra's not my lover
She's just a girl who claims that
I am the one
But King Tut is not my son

Repeat chorus...

LOL! So weird!

LOL Lairbo...good one!

I actually think it looks better than Wacko.

Where is the statue of his brother, Tito-unkahmen?

LOL funny, Mr. Sharkie ;-)


Well there's nothing new under the sun...and how!

Good Lord, but that is creepy!!!!!!!!!!

Kinda gives a new meaning to "Remember the Time"...

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