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July 23, 2008


State Attorney Investigates Officer Shooting Of Beer Keg

(Thanks to Amanda Austin)


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Well it did have a pistol looking hose connected to it . . .

He taught those kids a lesson

It's not south Florida, but it is still Florida.

Then again, north Fla. is said to have some elements of the rest of the South...

I'm on the officer's side. The keg was not cooperating with the more peaceful methods of arrest.

Tazing seems like a more reasonable option.

I'd be careful -- the beer might just fight back...

What's the big deal. I've attended more than one party where the keg was killed.

I don't blame the officer for shooting the keg. Those things can be very dangerous.

Simple: They needed more than 1 tap to gulp from...

wow-- i kept misreading the title as, TASTE it. freudian slip!

*off to get a beer*

SNork at Emmett!

I am actually having flashbacks reading this. On Senior Skip Day (a time honored tradition for high school seniors many of you may be familiar with) we had an underage drinking party at a friend's house which also got raided...

No one shot the keg but many officers had their guns drawn. When word of this got out, the you know what hit the fan! A lot of the parents (and there were about 70 seniors there so we are talking about A LOT of parents) were upset.

The charges (we were all popped for minor in possession) were dropped and the sheriff who led the raid ending up losing the next election and many said it was because of that raid because it seemed a little extreme...

I was pretty drunk so I don't remember that much except that the party continued once we all got to the jail.... They didn't even separate the girls and guys... we were all in these two big cells together.... It was like something out of a sitcom....

Ah, good times....

Yep, drawing your guns on a bunch of teenagers for underage drinking is a bit extreme.
But the jail time sounds like fun! :)

clark, I believe "Good Times" was a sitcom.

I've read hundreds of accounts of questionable shootings. This one takes the cake. When alcohol waste abuse is involved, how can I possibly remain silent?

Something must be done!

That beer could have been confiscated, and transferred to a good home. This is an outrage!

The keg shot first...

I'm standing here beside myself.

I'm with you, Wyo. I never thought I'd be a foster parent, but this has me filling out the forms ASAP. (For the keg, not the kids. Yeesh!)

He should have tase-ted it.

So much waste.

nitey night...

sleep tight...

Now that's how you shotgun a beer.

Um, that is not what they mean when you shotgun a beer.

"There have been allegations that one or more shots were fired into or at the beer keg by law enforcement officers," Tanner said.

Just how many rounds does it take to stop a beer keg, anyway? And did the officers issue a verbal warning to the keg before opening fire?

And was one of the officers named Tackleberry?

Really, we need more information...

Well, considering their age, this was probably a keg of Old SpillWaukee. It was best left watering the trees. Besides, Putnam County ain't the big time; confiscating that keg wouldn't have entailed calling in the Beer SWAT team. That deputy would have had to rassle that cold, wet, 150 pound canister through the dirt and into the back seat, covered in mud he would have later had to clean out.

Shooting the keg cost them their deposit and definitely sent a message to the purchaser and the vendor.

I don't blame the officer for shooting the keg...they can be dangerous

I'm a bit surprised that the Florida Game, Fish, Parks and Kegger Department wasn't called in ... I'd wager that he didn't have a license for hunting kegs ... and the season was probably closed, too ...

Or, to paraphrase OtU, "Kids; you outta raise 'em in a barrel and feed 'em through a hole in the side, then when they turn 18, plug the hole".

NOW you tell me, CJ.

This is a classic case of getting bad news and then shooting the Memminger

This is a clear case of getting bad news and shooting the Memminger.

Yeah, MartiShark, we all hate the bot. Interesting beer review; I never expected the words "cloudy", "yellow", or "sickly sweet" from a positive review!

Dated someone with those same qualities once - and I'd give her a decent review as well.

Didn't notice the bot at first, I'm seeing double.

"cloudy and yellow" sound more like pee (iykwim)

um...didn't see the post about your date there, MS.

It described her mood, her skin, and personality. But thank you for sharing the quality of your urinalysis Sioux, I'd say back off the asparagus for a while.

I'll do that. Thanks ;-)

Question: Yellow skin...Oriental or jaundiced?

As applied to urinalysis, I'm pretty sure that's a classic diabetes diagnosis.

Hah, that's the first time I got "sis" in the same sentence twice when I wasn't talkin' dirty.

CJ?? you talk dirty to your 'sis'??

hmmmmmmmm k....whatever floats your dinghy.

Neither, she mega-dosed on the Vitamin-A and had a bad beta-carotene reation. Great eyesight however.

Hopefully she didn't develop double vision.

Whoah! Now, does she have the beer goggles on or is it me?

Well, I gotta run. Somebody check the keg in the BlogBar; it seems to be leaking.

Niters, CJ. I'm good as long as no one shoots my box-o-vino.

Time for my beautimous sleep. Goodnight Blog. Nite John Boy. Nite MS (if you're still up). That morning wake up call is a byotch.

Somebody's box-o-vino is leaking.


Good thing I brought my kneepads ;P

Nite. For Reals.

Night there Sioux - little more writing and I'm down fer that count.

You have the right to remain incoherent. Anything you slur may be used against you in a brawl. You have the right to consort with a floozy and to have that floozy present during breakfast. If you are unable to afford a floozy, a floozy will be provided at no cost to humiliate and incriminate you.

Do you understand these rights?

I didn't think so.

Mornin' Meanie!!

Sounds like you speak from experience! ;)

I can only state the following.

♬ I shot the Coors Light...but I did not shoot
the Heineken ♪

Good mornin!

Off to work ;-P

Officer Burt: Damn. They all got away.
Officer Vern: Yeah, well if you laid off the Krispy Kremes...
Officer Burt: Bite me. Hey the little sh*ts left their keg. Wanna haul it back to the station? It's evidence.
Officer Vern: I've been having problems with my back...
Officer Burt: Yeah, well if you laid off the Krispy Kremes... Hey I've got an idea...(pulls Sig 10mm). Got your phone video thingie? Turn it on and watch this!

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