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July 28, 2008


Robot Sea Bream

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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That should be fine, until it's swallowed by the Robot Carp.

A fish the color of David Bowie's hair. Wham, Blam thank you mam. Sex in the city. Going to sex in the city.

Uh, oh. There's trouble in the headline, and judi is no where to be seen. Who can we blame it on?

Excuse me, is that snapper fresh?

Although, Sea Beam might make a fine grog.

That looks good enough to fry up in a pan and serve with a side of melted motor oil.

Just who discovered there was a need for an undercover robot camera fish? Are all the other sea creatures paranoid???? And really, what are the little fishies doing that we don't trust? As the last great world power, I challenge our great minds to come up with a place to keep all kinds of fish in a natural habitat so we can study them. While you are at it, just to make it easy, make the walls out of glass.

"Hey Nemo...watch what you say...I don't trust that shark..."

Oldmanatee - well, my colleagues having been using a less sophisticated version of this camera for a project. My company operates dams, and has been installing various mitigation projects to provide more habitat for wildlife and fish spawning. One of these is a "sturgeon bed", where a bed of gravel is set up in a river to attract sturgeon to spawn there.

The camera is useful for viewing whether fish are finding the bed, depositing eggs and seeing if the project is successful before other such beds are installed. Past uses of a regular underwater camera that does not resemble a friendly sea creature have tended to spook the fish.

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