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July 24, 2008


(Thanks to The Perts)


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Maybe the kids can help...

that is sad. we have time warner. i like em.

At least they didn't set the house on fire like Verizon FiOS installers have been doing

*packs up her Schmime Schwarner to send to queensbee with her blessings*

Steve, that's gotta be the beginning to a porn film...

I feel sorry for all you Bombast victims.

Nobody ever explicitly said being comcastic was a good thing.

Reminds me of a local car dealer that mentions that their customer service is as good as the cars they sell. (But are they both junk?)

So, what, she sends the kid off on some errand and then ... ??

How about "MILF Gets Her Hookup"? or ...

"We are a victim of our own success, to a degree," said Rick Germano, senior vice president of customer operations.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone cry "Victim" ...

Rick Germano ==>
A grim reckon
I, rack monger
Go rank crime

Their problem is they're growing too fast?!?! Given their (understandably) crappy reputation, that's the astonishing thing. I suppose we have all the *%#@% governments that give them exclusive rights to "thank", preferably with a bat...

"Bayes, a membership specialist for the National Rifle Association"

I'd get him some service right away.

Hear, hear, Richard tW-H! Let's all log onto twitter.com and complain about Bombast. I heard it actually worked for some poor schmuck who got a call from the CEO! Hey, a girl can dream...

Better than Twitter, actually, you can (yah listening, Blog?) launch a so-called EECB (Email Executive Carpet Bomb). If you've gotten nowhere through regular channels, email the bigwigs! Consumerist.com is a good place to find those addresses (and phone numbers) as well as advice on how to write the note.

Coincidentally, they have today a report of someone successfully doing that with Comcast.

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