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July 23, 2008


The Sense of Humor State

(Thanks to DavCat and Pago Gomez)


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Utah is exempt from Federal funding forever. Budget crisis solved.

I'd give the SUV driver a pat on the back for originality.

Places jar of Grey Poupon in console. Cuts of middle finger.

When he saw the gun did the comedian Poupin his pants?

What's that? Do I have any great weapons? Sure.....

What's that? Do I have any great weapons? Sure.....

French mustard.

The driver admitted that he "racked the slide". Is that like "Macked the knife"?

"Hey, lighten up, dude."


"Light enough for you?

No caffeine for you.

Somebody had a bad day.

*sends truck full of gumballs to Utah*

I'm glad they mustard the courage to carry on...

you can have my mustard when you pry it from my cold yellow hands...

You know where you can put yer' Poupon . . .

"A Sandy man"? Isn't that a Sammy Davis Jr. song?

If this had been Wisconsin, I might think the driver was on his way to the world famous Mustard Museum ...

(Did you know August 2 is National Mustard Day?? I didn't...)

He probably moved down here from Idaho.

Isn't it ironic that it happened on 'Winchester' street?

what does anybody expect from a state full of people who cant drink coffee?? points for creativity!!

Those wacky Mormons Osmonds!

"when you pry it from my cold yellow hands..."

Insom, you are a master. I bow to your wit.

queens - but we ARE diet coke fiends. And, statistically speaking, the state's only half full.

so you can have caffeine, just not in coffee? confused!!! what would happen if morm, er utahans could drink coffee??

queenie, I can't imagine Donny and Marie high on caffeine.

queens - Since we're off topic anyway... It's based on a broad health code. Some things are specific, like no alcohol, coffee or tobacco. Some things are general, like an encouragement to eat grains, fruits and veggies. There's a little license in there for interpretation, and follows the mantra of 'care for your health.'

Some Mormons won't drink anything with caffeine, some don't have a problem with it. It's a personal choice and neither opinion affects your standing in the Church.

If the guy with the gun WAS Mormon, it's probably good he wasn't all jittery.

"Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may be in Utah"

*tries to add comma before anyone notices*

someone spit at me today! i pulled up next to someone who had been reading in her monster SUV as she drove past me (coming out of the parking lot), turned the corner, and pulled up at the red light at biscayne blvd. i glared at her and she saw me... so she rolled her window down and asked what my problem was. i said "umm, do you really need to READ while you're DRIVING!?" and she said she was trying to figure out where she was GOING, and she was looking at her DIRECTIONS, and i said, "well maybe you should stop the car and figure out where you're going instead of reading while your car is MOVING!" at which point she said a few choice things about me being "obviously from miami" and she spit out her window at my car! lol

LMAO judi

damn tourist!

*blink* *blink*

um...did you edit your post??

yeah :) i just changed a few words to make it more accurate!

. . . which made Judi so incensed that she pulled out her laptop and blogged about the incident while traveling on the I-395 Causeway.

*snork at last few posts*

... which made judi so incensed that she phoned her friend the Santeria priest ...

which made me laugh, honestly ;) it was so astonishing to see a grown woman, who looked like she was heading to a lunch or some sort of a meeting, SPITTING out her car window. and the first one ended up inside her monster SUV, so she spat AGAIN. i had to laugh.

judi, I hope you went and got your car washed immediately!!

Tourist cooties! ewwwwwwwwwwww

judi, I hope you went and got your car washed immediately!!

Tourist cooties! ewwwwwwwwwwww


Didn't we read a post that had Dave spit at some monkeys stealing from his backpack and yelling that their colons obviously came from Costa Rica?

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