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July 23, 2008


Now they're using string cheese.

(Thanks to DavCat and Siouxie)


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That is so unusual to read that over the weekend there were dogs sniffing around Dick's.

Meanwhile, in the wine shop next door ......

Meanie. It's Utah. There are no wine shops. Which explains the typical Utahn's sense of humor...

Meanwhile, in the wine shop next door just over the border ......

I live near there. When I first came to the area, I asked a little old lady for directions somewhere, and she relayed, "It's just down the block...do you know where Dicks are?"

oh steve, steve....

What? What??

rut roh...urine trubble now, Steve!

Are you kidding? Sounds pretty passionate to me ...

no, seriously, not a clue ...

(Something to do with string cheese?? nah ...)

O well, I imagine it'll all come out in court ...

I plead the 5th or drink a 5th...whichever comes 1st.

Police called off the search when the bomb-sniffing dog was seen eating said bomb.

The String Cheese Incident would be a great name for a rock band. Wait, really?

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