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July 28, 2008


A Chinese school is running special courses to teach pupils how to walk.

Children who pass written and practical tests receive a walking licence, reports Chongqing Times.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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You know this is going to lead to a new realm in bullying.

--"Hey, Mr. Velcro Shoes, still haven't passed your walking license?"

We seriously need a walking license in Chicago. People don't know how to walk.

...with John Cleese as the instructor.

In Florida, they'll be walking up the left side of the stairs, very slowly, with their left hand out the whole time.

240 out 0f 1300 students have passed the walking exam????? Just which Olympics did China get?

Using walkers, Meanie.

If they branch this out to the US, I'm signing both kids up! Each on his/her own already sounds like a rhinoceros stomping out a campfire when rampaging walking through the house, and that was before we stripped the floors down to the original hardwood yesterday.

WriterDude: I hope your kids are in the habit of wearing socks. If so, get out the videocamera for the first time they try to sprint across the hardwood. It may not make America's Lamest Pratfalls Funniest, but you'll have a memory to embarrass them with for years to come.

Darn, that was supposed to be an S not an I. Waiter, another coffee please. Make it a quadruple.

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