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July 25, 2008


Boy exits child care, goes to Hooters

(Thanks to The Perts and DavCat)


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He was probably just there for the food, at his age.

I swear, I returned him.

(He was just a little, thirsty kid....Hooters was the logical place for him to go. Milk on tap.)

Bot Munch is eating posts again today!


Mental image: male dwarf in kid clothes surrounded by clueless Hooters girls hand feeding him chicken wings...

'At's my boy!

Hey, they start 'em early in Texas.

I didn't know there was a kids' menu at Hooters.

Maybe the daycare center and the restaurant should switch employees.

They have a family friendly hooters in Kissimmee and Lake Buena Vista outside of Mouseworld. Every child geta a Latex Balloon and a T-Shirt.

BTW: it is a real balloon.

Um, actually, Meanie, there is. Hate to admit that I know that, but I've been taking the boy there for years, as certain folks around here know.

(Yeah, Diva and cg - I'm talking about y'all)

Affirmative on the kid's menu. The best friend and I took his 18 month old there on Monday - and he started laughing when he got out of the truck. He has 4 rubber ducks, but his favorite is the orange quacker from this establishment provided by his uncle Sharkie.

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