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July 23, 2008


A member of a group called "Plane Stupid" tried to glue himself to the British prime minister.

Key Quote: But Downing Street said there had been "no stickiness of any significance". (Also known as "the Bill Clinton defense.")

(Thanks to DavCat and Siouxie)


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Voluntarily keeping superglue in your underwear? Plane stupid is right.

"He was just grinning about it. He didn't seem to take me seriously."

And neither does anyone else with an IQ above room termperature.

Remember when Clinton raised his finger and said, "I did not have sexual relatons with that woman...don't taze me bro."

Somewhere in this guy's circle of friends, he told thhem, "Hey, wouldn't it be spot on if I were to take me lorry to see this twitcher an' glue meself to 'is 'and? Wouldn't that be a c0ck-up?"

And his friends all agreed that indeed would be spot on.

Does this remind anyone else about the Season 2 finale from 24?

"After the incident Mr Glass was allowed to stay Number 10 for 40 minutes."

I am not a number! I am a man! (reference from The Prisoner)

Glue never wins.

"Plane Stupid?"

FINALLY some truth in labeling.

He shoulda used Elmers™

I guess the sticker found himself in a bit of a sticky wicket. And PM Brown would, in legal parlance, be the stickee.

well that makes two of us that watched the series, Braniff.

It all started when he said "Hey guys! Watch this!"

"All right! What's all this? Put your hands against the wall!"

"Yes, sir."

*Protective Services agent produces handcuffs*

"Now give me your left hand."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"It's glued to the wall."

*Agent produces Taser™*

"Ok, Smartass. We tried the easy way"

Make that three, Wicked...

♪ I am stuck on Gordon Brown and
Gordon's stuck on me...♬

Krazy Glue. A thousand and one uses. Now, a thousand and two.

The Prisoner was the kind of show that after the episode ended, you had to sit there for a while and think "what the hell happened?" Especially the very last episode. But it was a great series.

Jeez, Braniff, do we have to spell it out for you?

Braniff, that's how I felt about Twin Peaks.

Thanks for the laugh.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

*Admires the Twin peaks*

"I didn't have much glue left by that point," he said.
You need a bigger storage area ... oh wait! You glued THAT shut TOO?

*WAVES twin peaks @ Hammie!!!*


The above link is appropriate for men and women (nttawwt) of all ages. Also, ice cream lovers.

A little music to set the mood...

There was ice cream?

Ice cream? all I saw was Prisoner Number 40D (Chemical Enhancement Unit)

Mah mama always said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

I am rubber, you are glue....wait, you really are glue.

I want to protest the objectification of women in Hollywood. I will get my message out there by gluing myself to Salma Hayek. I'm selfless like that.

Is he mad? He could have had the skin ripped off his hand. Oh wait. He did, and he probably is.

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