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July 25, 2008


...he's 1,800 years old.


(Thanks to sjhaller and Jeff Meyerson and Mahatma Kane Jeeves)


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The Enquirer was RIGHT! Elvis WAS an alien!

(They can't print it if it's not true, ya know.)

Da King of Rock!


Rock Hard!

Rock on!

Elvis...you look a little stoned...

The curator thought it was a hoax until the archaologists showed him several mummified peanut butter and banana sandwiches...

I think they mean "coiff", not quiff; my understanding of the word quiff is very different and I wouldn't Google it from work, IYKWIM!

Nah, CJ, the quiff is a legitimate British 'do.

I'll have a blue Saturnalia without you..

Actually, how wonderfully weird!

Should have been rhinestone.

Looks like he used Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon for the nose job...

The really odd thing is that it seems to have been an actual portrait of the person in the grave. Get a DNA sample, quick!

'You do get some weird and wacky things at the corners of sarcophagi. The quiff was not a hairstyle of the day as far as I know.'

I'm intrigued and want to know more, also I think Wacky Things at the Corners of Sarcophagi is an excellent name for a band.

They knew it was Elvis because the coffin was near ther biggest rhinestonem mine in the region.

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