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July 28, 2008


This is the sportsperson of the week so far.

(Thanks to Siouxie and Amanda Austin)


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Florida Woman Attacked by Fox, Then Shot By Husband

When I saw the headline, then the linking site, I thought Gretta had upped the ante with Nancy Grace....

"No, see honey, it just means that I think you are so good looking! I wasn't trying to kill you, you are hot!!!"

I agree manatee, the network battles have gotten out of hand. I would have thought name calling and mudslinging would suffice. But guns....?

We report. You discharge.

Well, he says it was an accident...

Wonder where I can get a rabid fox on short notice.........

Accident my @ss!

Well he won't be getting any tonight.

Actual Fox news, instead of the usual politics.

She told him to get the gun? That's just asking for trouble...

*Hands Siouxie some washcloths and fresh clothing*

Bam! "Oww! Honey, to the left..."
Bam! "Oww! No, I said the LEFT!"
Bam! "Aaagh! Dear, if I didn't know better, I'd swear you were aiming AT me!..."

Fire fox!

I can just see my ex-husband smacking himself in the head and wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?!?"

Jeeze, women are always bitchin' about something.

It was only a .22 and he barely winged her.

*pings Bulova with industrial strength rubber-band*

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