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July 28, 2008



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May I be the first to second that "No, thanks!"

Check please!

La cuenta, por favor!

Don't tell Walter.

Those prices are stiff.

Is it filleted, or does it come with the oosik?

Served with a desert helping of Spotted Dick?

I hope not!

Are their dicks spotted?

Served with a desert helping of Spotted Dick?

I hope not!

No,thanks, indeed.

Are their dick$ spotted as well?

Wow, never wanted to be huang like a seal.
Wonder what 2 sides you get with that?

I actually was going to try this once, so I had some shipped to me. I opened the package and saw there was two bits inside and was about to sample it when I saw the outside wrapper said, "Do not eat if seal is broken."

Well folks, I'm off cruisin' for a few days. Ya'll have a wonderful week & see ya Friday!

Siouxie, you get back here right now!!!

"hello honored perverts of all ages, my name is Takudo. You may know me from such films as 'No Humping For Old Men" and "There Will Be Metamucil", but whenever I'm in China and I'm hungry to eat some animal's penis, I go to the Guolizhang Palace. They serve truly Olympic-sized portions, and the doggie bag is really a doggie's , well, you know. So if you're 'members only', order some wang chunks tonight!

I'd like to know who the genius was who thought it would be a good idea to eat a seal's peenie.

snif...I'd like to know who the second guy was....He should have really known better.

Another good reason for Walter not to cover the Olympics...

*snork* Ewww! at Insom.

snif - It wasn't us!

So dog is off the menu, but apparently you can still eat pu cat.

*Is profoundly grateful that Don Rickles is absent from this post*

Martinishark, how did they expect to ship you seal bits without breaking a seal?

I was trying to decide what to have for breakfast. In addition to so many other services the blog provides, now it is a cure for indecision as well.

It's kind of like stone crabs Annie, where they snap off the claw and toss them back alive.


That would explain why monk seals are so eunuch unique.

What does Heidi Klum think about this??

if you want to supersize your meal do you get walrus?

THIS is why I refused to compete in the Olympics.

Oh, they begged and begged, but I stood firm. I do NOT swallow dick!!!!!

Rumor has it any member of the Korean Olympic team that doesn't win a medal will be eaten.

LOL, ellie, you stole my thought.

Layzee- sick great minds think alike!

i yam the walrus. koookookajoo. but i'll have to pass on the seal dickie.

fried seal dickie wbagnfarb

You should wear something nice when you eat there...

Snork @ Annie

These people should be castrated castigated for this behaviour.

Siouxie wanted me to ask what kind of sauce it comes in.

If prepared correctly it creates its own.

So a Eskimo fisherman brings his broken snowmobile into the shop for repair.

After a few minutes of tinkering with it, the mechanic reports "Looks like you've blown a seal".

To which the Eskimo man replies "Nah, that's just frost on the mustache."

It comes with a nice white sauce, Creme of Sum Yung Guy

Confucius say, "Baseball wrong - man with four balls cannot walk."

When the story about the Chinese banning dog was blogged, I attempted to send it to my nephew who is in Beijing. Surprise! He couldn't open the link... My sister, his mother, tells me that they're pretty strict about not allowing "negative" press. Like, you can't talk about the smog... cough-cough... the dog... ruff-ruff... or the peeni... snork-snork

Great public service by the Blog with this post. Readers are forewarned not to order "a stiff one."

oh, punkin.. that is such a lieprevarication!
(El told me so;)

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