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July 28, 2008


A German family has bought a six-tonne tank to use for shopping and day trips.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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What schmucks.

If France jokes are off the table, can we at least call them the VonTrapp family?

Before the name change, they were The Rommels.

My favorite line:

"It is a bit hard to find a parking place, but we get right of way at every junction."

Second favorite line:

"Ramming speed!"

Photo here.

My van used to get about 10 mpg on a good day, so 5 doesn't sound half bad.

I wonder if my teenage son's "Student Driver" magnet would stick on the back?

No tanks.

Shopping list:


No France jokes, but how about Washginton DC handgun ban jokes?

And of course, everyone in Europe sleeps better when a German has a tank...

*vigorously cleans keyboard after unexpected beverage/nasal discharge; waves coffee-stained hankie*@MKJ

Where do you buy a tank, anyway? Tanks "Я" Us?

Having driven in a large armoured vehicle in city traffic while in the army, I can vouch for the statement that you always get the right of way. The traffic jam just parts in front of you like Moses parting the Red Sea. And if some idiot doesn't want to move, casually traversing the main gun in their direction usually gives them the incentive to get out of the way...

Do they have "Baby on Board Sign"?

WAY TO GO, Joachim. You deserve a 'Patton' the back.
Also, an all expense trip to The Frankreich Bring many 'Jerry' cans.

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