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July 28, 2008


Flatulent Whales caught in the act


(Thanks to DavCat)


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I bet the photographer was blown away.

"Come 'ere and pull my flipper."

Has Al Gore been notified?

Alright, get them out of the pool!

Key caption: According to researchers the general rule that flatulence is worse than halitosis is also true for whales (AAD)

Flatulent Whales WBAGNFARB


Wasn't me. Whoever smelt (*snork*) it, dealt it.

Moby Toot?

Recent translation of whale song from Woods Hole Oceanographich Institution:


"Coach who?"

"If you're sick, man, go to the hospital!"

"Whoa! Who died?"

*removes vestigial "h"*

*WAVES & Hammiee!!!*

Anyone seen mudstuffin lately?

"The Vestigial H" WBAGNFA avant garde trio.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

One small pfffftttt for a man, one giant atmosphere-choking cloud of putrid digested fish guts for mammalkind.

"Ewwww, who just krilled??? Damn Bob, you need to change your lifestyle!"

Instead of resorting to killing whales, the Australian Antarctic Division scientists have developed a method that allows them to collect whale faeces and study its DNA to figure out what the whale recently consumed.

I'd have to just kill the whale, if that was my job...
One of the questions they are pondering is 'where the whales go to eat'.....I kinda doubt they swim up to McNeptunes and order a fish sandwich......

Thank God they don't ear opossum.

Thanks to McDonalds we can now experience that on land.

isn't that the old lucent logo????

"Oh man... I think there were some bad krill in that last half-ton I ate..."

Dang, just noticed Sharky beat me to the krill joke.

Don't worry Pad, in a way he is bretheren.

It's only a matter of time before someone figures out how to use this new scientific discovery in perfume or makeup or something.

Whales are flatulent and have halitosis? And they still don't let us kill them? What's wrong with this world?

We should thank Japan for removing many of these animals who cause global warming from our oceans!

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