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July 24, 2008


(Thanks to Janice Gelb and sjhaller and Baron vonKlyff)


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SSSnakesss in the printing presss?


Damnit, fivver! I thought of that too!


We had more than one news story here in NH that day, so it was supposed to read "Valley Newses".

Clearly that's the plural of "News" ...

But hey, at least they got Obama's name right ...

Sssorry Sssiouxie.

At least they spelled "precarious" right. That's a tuff one.

In the past few months, the Chicago Sun-Times has mentioned Wisconson, Lincol, and the almanec in their headlines, as well as the Cubs' title draught (are they saying it's on tap?). Then there was one where the headline writer counted the injured as dead or the other way around (the story has expired).

It was one of the Cleaveland newspapers that intentionally changed the spelling of that Ohio city in order to fit on their banner.

The snake says "organisssation"...

That's right up there with Fox News' blurb about how the Democrats are responsible for our "Eductaion Crisis."

Now they tell me! I just got that tattooed on my bakc!!!

One time the Arlington Heights (IL) Daily Herald ran the headline

Marital Law Ended in China.

Marital law and martial law hopefully are distinct things.

My favorite signs (with a global "sic")

Happy Hollidays!

Duck tape on sale!

Grammer and spelling class cancelled.

That would be the local rag from a few towns south of me. Love it when my neck of the woods does something to get noticed!

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