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July 23, 2008


Check the speling AND the gramer.

(Thanks to Janet Gelb)


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Is our tattoo artists learning??

We Wlil . . .

this shud be a platform in mr language persons presidential campain!! all tattoo artists need to pass 10th grade english!

Mine's simple - DNR.

First to comment on # 7:


I ran mine through spell-check.

I see Dave carried the typo theme to the extent of spelling my name wrong...

It wood bee bet her two first run spill chucker bee fore putting it on you're body. Announce of call shin is....eye am shore ewe git Wye its prude dent.

Redneck tattoo


Reminds me of the time Twittney Spears got a tattoo a sign of her her faith, even though the teachings forbade marking the body.

Siouxie, like the 1st pic, but I prefer verse 14.

I can fit the New Testament...if I wanted to.

Actually the Old Testament was more fun.

True. Lots of kinky stuff going on in those days.

Song of Solomon -- surprising very passionate stuff going on there.

Oh yeah. And Sodom & Gomorrah - PARTAY TOWNS!

Always thought Gommorah was something you could catch in Sodom.

eww LOL

My brother's friend had REFER tattooed on his arm. Incredibly, alcohol AND drugs MAY have been involved.

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