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July 24, 2008


A legitimate reason to say "No" to tofu.

(Thanks to MartiniShark)


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Seems like that might be a reason to eat a lot of tofu. Tofu is the reason not to eat tofu.

The thought of having sex with Ms. Mildew dropped my count by a few sweetheart cups.

..research suggests soy-based products may reduce a man's sperm count.
Or maybe they're just plain whipped.

Are you sure they have the cause and effect correct? I'm thinking that a guy who would voluntarily eat tofu isn't much of a guy to begin with. NTTAWWT!

Craig Ferguson says soy causes manboobs. There's a reason for men not to eat soy.

120 million little guys in each millilitre!!!??

I am going to eat a Johnsville brat and drink a cold beer to that number.

120 million little guys per millilitre!!?

I am going to eat a johnsville brat and drink a cold beer to that number!

The bot is eating soy...

And this is why I stay with tiger-penis soup.

Well, for married guys anyway. For me, that's an illegitimate reason.

*gathers up soy products to feed to Gloucester High School boys*

I mean TOFU, yes, tofu.

(Tofurkey on a school lunch menu can't be any worse than regular cafeteria food, methinks.)

Brats & beer raise your sperm count.

Between this and the "I'm fighting prostate cancer" excuse guys are taking a beating lately.

bali - Crrraig is right, as usual.

Flossing also raises your sperm count. I don't want to know how.

Good idea, Punkin. I may have to drop in on the school I used to teach at with carefully disguised tofu treats. They need to do something to those kids...

I had some imitation tofu once. It was made with chicken.

Well that sure explains the low birth rate in China.

For me you can add all soy products to the abstinence program.

Pogo - Beer raises your sperm count, obliterates your common sense and results in brats. just sayin'

Given how crowded Japan is, that's probably a good thing...

Annie, I was in bed when he told me.

'Course, he was on tv. Rats.

AAAaaawwWWW!! *texts furiously to 'trina brats*

bali - you're on the bed, he's on the tv.....
Interesting choice of positions.

bali, sounds to me like a great place for a mini-tramp...not you Sio.

"Subfertile"? Euphemize much?

Tofuuuu, nothing but tofuuuuuu
Nothing but tofuuuuuuuuu, from now onnnn.

Tofuuuuu, nothing but tofuuuuuuu
Nothing but tofuuuuuu, for me and my gal.

Methinks CJ is too f-u'd.

I'd have to think, that for most guys, a low sperm count would be a benefit. Paternity suit???? KMA.

and, btw, lol at SW's 6.57 post.

This just in: quiche directly linked to male back hair length

I'm thinking that any guy who cooks tofu for a woman really won't have to worry about his sperm factoring in later in the evening.

"Ooooohh, bean curd makes me hot!!!"

Btw, CJ - My brats already know. ;)

The son has been to Chicago, Milwaukee, 22 days of camping in 7 National parks in Wyo, MT, Canada, SD thus far this summer. Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to go to Philadelphia, Boston and NYC w/ G'pa for some baseball games.

Trying to fit OK and the other G'parents in before school starts. It's a rough life.

say it ain't so, Kikkoman!!!!

I guess my sperm is safe (if I had some)(which I don't) I hate tofu.

bali, sounds to me like a great place for a mini-tramp...not you Sio.

Posted by: CJrun | 08:02 PM on July 24, 2008



Uh-oh...I think CJ meant Supertramp, not mini-tramp.

Guess that means products like this are oxymoronic.

82 million sperm in the balls
82 million sperm
You eat some tofu
And lose quite a few
41 million sperm in the balls...

Well..I did have some edamame tonight. Does that count??

ducky, that's just sick.

*sings 20 1/2 sperm on the balls...*

What's the big deal, anyway? Ooooo, your sperm count is looooow. It's only at 43.2308 billion/centipule. Time for a manicure and some highlights, big guy.

Annie, he better have meant Supertramp. I ain't no mini-tramp!

*snaps fingers, waving head side to side*

That doesn't qualify as a spermicide, Siouxie, be careful.

Oh and YAY to Ducky!! another good icky one.

And YAY to Martini Dude for getting posted!

Who's tending the blogbar tonight?

whoever's tendin', make mine a double. (an Ducky's first round is on me.)

Ain't I generous with fantasy cash!

Bali is, Siouxie told me

Woo-hoo, Wyo! I'll take a frozen blogarita, with salt, thanks.

I hope she hurries back with the nuts and my Jameson's

jug, bali ran off with your nuts?

*Whips in to tend bar*

Free drinks all around! jug is buyin', Wyo told me.

*jumps behind the blog bar...almost falls on @ss*

Whatcha's having??

man does not live by salt alone, he must have the rest of the blogarita. (OK, I know it was bread, but... whatever.)

Hey, bali! We actually got some rain today, courtesy of Hurricane Dolly. Although I'm sorry for the South Texas folks, we really needed the rain.

DUCKY! You said you wouldn't talk about it in public!! *hides purse*

First twelve rounds are on me. Hi y'all

Jameson's please Bali.

(jug musta won the lottery)

*mixes up a frozen blogarita for the Duckness, a Jameson's neat for jug and a double for Wyo, wine for myself and bali*

*gives jug his nuts*

jug, your generosity knows no bounders bounds.

Oops, sorry, bali. Blame the booze.

Close enough, Wyo. And I have to flap off for a bit; Mr. Ducky is quacking at me...Keep the blogaritas cold, I'll be back!

I'm feeling extravagant tonight, in spite of the fact that the lottery ticket I bought was defective.


*pours an appletini for MartiniShark, beer for CJ and Annie*

Bali can take over now ;-)

Thank you for giving me my nuts Siouxie. I know they were in good hands with you.

Er, appletini???? You figuring me for a metro-sexual there?

Siouxie, you can have the bar, I'm gonna put my feet up. Just sent the youngest off on a week's vacay with her dad. Boy, is HE in for an interesting week.

sheesh...OK picky picky picky

*grabs appletini and shugs it*

*mixes up an extra DRY dirty martini*

olives??? shaken? stirred?? machete'd?

Have a martini Bali, I think you have earned it

I'm ready to be served too, bali! maybe one of the boys will take over?

*getting ready for my cruise so I need to start relaxing*


Double Sapphire dry, up, with a key lime wedge. Here, let me. . .

*sweeps up glass after martini...* ;)


*steps aside* ohhh purty blue too.

Ok gang, MartiniShark is taking over bar duties!



Wait a sec, who broughtthis crap???

MShark, that is just wrong.

very, very wrong

I agree. What would you use as a garnish, wheat grass?


that's the last time I send CJ to stock the bar. Him and his "natural" crap.

Where you cruising to Siouxie?

MS, maybe that's what Dave meant when he said there is no '3.'

My money's on your theory, Annie. Cuz eeeeuuuuwwwww.

You know Annie, suddenly it makes sense. Mysterious ways indeed.

Sharkie...and may I call you that?? of course I may...

I'm cruising on NCL (thanks to my good friend...estrogen centrale) on a 4 day vacay going to Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and their private "Out Island". Going with my daughters - before I'm left all alone YAY PARTAY!!! *sniff* *sniff* We're leaving on Monday and come back Friday.

Have fun, Siouxie!

Sounds too great. Get pics for us land-locked losers working stiffs.

Will do, bali...Sharkie! (btw, I like that name better)

bali, this means that Casa de Siouxie is ready for business come Hunt Season! You ARE coming down, right??

Sharkie? Appletinis?? What you must think of me. . .

Sheesh...you men have such hangups. What is wrong with appletinis???

You are invited too...Mr.ManlyManMartiniSharkGuyStud. We had a great time last year and I'm hoping this year will be even better.

My hang-ups are what make me a testosterone-polluted guy. Can't help it, and don't want to.


Yes, Martini "Stallion" Shark ;-P

Niters and sweet dreams to all who may still be awake.

Wasn't fishing for stallion, but OK? Night to ya

Siouxie, when you wake up: yes, Xmygrits and I are both coming down for the hunt. Can't we find a way for those of us working the hunt (and paying to do so) to actually meet Dave and judi? And maybe Carl? Okay, prolly not Carl, but surely Dave and judi are do-able. Okay, that didn't come out right...

bali, we will undoubtedly hang out with the Blog folks after the Hunt. For that matter, before the Hunt, as well, getting assignments.

I expect to be costumed as a clueless.

Just soy no!

Buenos Dias!

YAY bali! Like CJ said. There is usually a get together after the Hunt for all of those who "work" it. Dave & judi will be there drinking their asses off relaxing with the little people. Carl...not so much (unless he comes for the Hunt). We could plan something before. The s.b. is always willing to get sloshed enjoy a good time. Last year there was a Books & Books event the night before and they all got to meet judi and the Blogs (which, btw, WBAGNFARB). Either way there are plenty of SF bloglits around to make it a great time.

Oh yeah. CJ will definitely be clueless.

pssst, siouxie...who's carl?

um....I assumed bali meant Hiaasen??

Is there another Carl???

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