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July 27, 2008


Canada cracks down on exercise.

(Thanks to, appropriately enough, The Perts)


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Don't have time to post, I've gotta go for a drive.

Suddenly, I am hungry for poutine.

So, exercising is bad and bad driving is someone elses fault. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Another senseless drive by boobing.

Imagine, Hooters using hooters to entice and attract window shoppers.

Heck, have some hotwings and a beer while you're waiting for the tow truck and the cops to arrive.

Brilliant Public Relations.

*hits 'View Larger Image'*
*almost has eye poked out*
*doesn't complain*

*bouncing bodies*


The sidebar also has a story: "Chairmen of Hooters dies at age 69". I bet the newsroom guys had fun writing that headline!

I swear I am not making this up, my sister and her wife live in Dartmouth, about a 5-minute drive from that Hooters...

...no, they don't work there! At least that's what they tell me.

*SNORK!*@ ironic Rear Ender.

You never see this at Wal-Mart. Thank goodness.

View larger image showed a failure to focus, fuzzing fair foodservers.
Pretty p--- poor photography!
Goes away & sulks........

Wait. Why i heck do waiters need to do warm up calisthenics. I know carrying food gives you quite a workout, but that is ridiculous.

Sorry to post so late after my earlier comment. Had to detour on my way in to work. Through Nova Scotia.

Speaks volumes about the girl's volume that someone was staring at their busts and managed to miss seeing a city bus.

Well, Hoot mon. This shall not stand!

Sorry I'm late....we had this big to-do at work and now I have to work inside. What's up here???

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