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July 23, 2008


Drunken driver drinks Wite-Out while in police custody

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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Idiot. Everyone knows you're supposed to brush it on if you wanna hide.

"Heh, now I'm invish- invishibbubble-- nobody can see me!"

And now he's off to the Correctional Institute.

I thought it was red Wite-Out with burritos.

What. A. Dufus.

"Hey, you-know dude, that's not the way you, like, make a Caucasian, Dude. "

This is the same person that will drink mouth wash, wiper fluid or isopropel alcohol (as opposed to ethyl). He was drunk and wanted to stay that way. He felt like sh!t the next day and went right back to it. Hair of the dog...Pass the Scope!

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