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July 24, 2008


"Dude, I can't talk, I'm being chased by the police."

(Via Gizmodo)


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Don't text me bro!

Along with his FL driver's license, let's send him one of Click & Clack's "HANG UP AND DRIVE" bumper stickers.

I have to say I don't think much of Gizmodo's new look...

Kinda reminds me of the classic "Dave's Not Here, man!" scene:


The problem in Minnesota is that once the snow melts all the criminals are free to roam the streets.

The problem in Minnesota is that once the snow melts all the criminals are free to roam the streets.

Good point, Erb. Fortunately, the snow only stays melted for 60-90 days in the Great White North.

SNOW FENCES?!!!! Wyo had to 'splain them to me. Who gnu? I thought they were solar panels or sumthin'.

clark's linky

can't post now man im being chased by the police

That's so freaking weird, cause he looks like such a fine, upstanding citizen in his mug shot.

Well...he does have Lee as a middle name...

Yeah? You got a problem with that??

Wayne is a scarier middle name.


The fact that a detective knows your cell phone number (possibly on speed dial) could be a sign that you might need to clean up your act.

We may be laughing at him, but he did escape.

"Hey occifer, hold my beer and watch this!"

Can you catch me now?

"I'll have to call you back, I need this hand to throw the moltov cocktail."

Thanks, DIVA... I'm still computer challenged....

*zips in*™


Crook 1
Cops 0

I'd call him back; he prolly has more time, now.

When they catch him and have him in their sights, the should holler, "Hands Free"!!


Can you hear me now!! :)

"Dude, I lost my IQ points.. gotta hang up now.."

Yes, the snow does keep some criminal behavior at bay in MN. And the hospitals are busier in the winter. Now, it's beer drinking season there.


Off Topic, did any of you see an annoying pop-up in front of Dave and Judi's posts? Tell me I'm seeing things. And I was just about to link their blog.

VD (snigger), I saw that appear yesterday, one time. From my chair, that was a first and it hasn't been repeated.

So, the best way to reduce crime in this country would be a moratorium on the name Wayne?

I've seen that pop-up several times. It's gotta go.

msg: 2 litl 2 L8, fuz, lol

Wayne used his easy pass as he exited Minnesota That's how the cops got his cell phone number.

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