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July 25, 2008


Now they're redesigning streets for drunks.

(Thanks to The Perts and DavCat)


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Well that should go off without a hitch.

No, really. Where are the hidden cameras...?

Boffin still sounds dirty to me.

"researchers came to the staggering realisation that drunk people trip over things. "

well, that explains a lot about these bruises... (I blame Dolly and the beer that was required to weather the storm)

Boffin still sounds dirty to me.

Then try to be a little quieter.

thanks for the nasal coffee bath, Punkin :)


Didn't mean to wake you, Punkin.

It would be much better if they all just drove.

After using computer simulations based on the Welsh to mimic the movements of people staggering home after a good night out

Hey, I resent that remark!

Never thought I would see progress toward Utopia in this lifetime. I stand (stagger?) corrected…


Hmm. Oddly enough, my spell checker doesn't like that word.

I'm not sure how to pronounce it either.

I think I need a drink.

On the positive side, I heard that they are licensing their "Drunk Welsh Walker" computer model for use in the next zombie computer game.

I truly appreciate their efforts. er, The Drunks will surely appreciate their efforts. Yea, that's correct, those people.

Hope the local Jimmytown Council adopts the street changes; it would make my life, and a whole lot of other lives here, easier....


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