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July 25, 2008


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I'm SHOCKED! and gobsmacked. Imagine that...teenage boys looking at p0rn!

Um..yeah..me too.

(dang name change)

Maybe it's just me, but I've known a lot a guys named "Randy Johnson" and they seem to be split exactly 50/50 between decent guys and complete knobs.

So after this bozo the next RJ I meet ought to be presidential material.

He could have just been showing them how a particular knot was made.

pad, I'm thinking "Randy Johnson" is a MORE-than-appropriate name for this tool moron, IYCMD. And I'm glad that whatever he was up to STOPPED at the booze and smokes. >:(

Meanie, there is no merrit badge for a 'fudge knot'

There is a fine line between boy scout camp and a fraternity party. At the fraternity party it was considered appropriate to share your smokes.

True dat Deev.

Too bad he isn't one of those guys with an "official" nickname, like 'Randy "Horndog" Johnson.' Y'know, just to enhance his self-esteem.

He was just helping them pitch their tents.

"Hey Mom, look! I got my Swimming badge, my First-Aid badge, my 3-Pack-a-Day badge, my Dirty Sanchez badge, and an AA membership!"

Eagle Ogle Scout

Let's see, p0rn, beer and cigarettes, now what else is left?

Oh yeah.

"Let's face it, scouting has changed a lot since we were kids..."

Nah - I learned to play poker and swear, and saw my first porn mags at scout camp. And this was 45 years ago. The mags were brought by other guys. If the adults had any, they didn't share.

Straight out of a Tom Lehrer song...

Let's see, p0rn, beer and cigarettes, now what else is left?

Oh yeah.

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 01:44 PM on July 25, 2008

Holy cow - I didn't know CJ had a son!

Diva, see about 6 threads below for a complete analysis of the hooters/childcare situation....

OK, 8 threads down.....

2 snorks for Annie.

"Watch guys, just like in the manual: The forefinger goes behind the strap, squeeze with the thumb and middle finger, that is when you then twist with the fingers, and the hooks should come loose. Once you get that move down we'll work on releasing garters, and then you'll qualify for your badge!"

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