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July 25, 2008


(Thanks to Katie in FL)


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It lets you choose your own name "unless it's something strange like...Barry"???

Dave, you've got definite grounds for a lawsuit here.

Guaranteed to impress the chicks.

"Please make a legal tyre-screeching handbrake u-turn...."

You should do this only if you are in dyre straits.

ooh! ooh! I want one!

Coming soon - the Hasselhoff Kareoke.

Will the interface let you know when you are about to make an enbarassing video?

"A hamburger is inadvisable in your inebreated condition, David."


I'm in for this one! It's so much cooler than the model announced about two years ago, featuring (seriously) the voice of Mr. T saying "I pity da fool who missed da last turn!"

I can't wait for them to sell it on Woot as part of a B.O.C., along with a crappy MP3 player, and a Roomba.

(And if you've never been to Woot, trust me. Go there and play one of their "daily podcasts". Some are as funny as y'all are here.)

Linky no worky. Here we go:


Woot is the coolest but I can never seem to click fast enough to get a RBOC!

Least understood opening sentence

"We’ve watched the dual Anamorphic Equalizers pulse as they guide wannabe Michael Knights across the alkaline flats, but, until now, Mio’s never confirmed whether the Knight Rider satnav was real."

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