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July 25, 2008


Freeport man busted for licking cop's face

Key Quote:
"We encourage people not to lick our police officers."

(Thanks to Laura Marie Norman)


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"We encourage people not to lick our police officers."

NOW they tell me ...

Sgt. Newton added, "Licking my face was okay, but when he started humping my leg..."

i haz rabies, you can haz rabies

At least not in the line of duty; what they do after hours is their business...

So we're supposed to join them?

Don't tongue me, bro!

Now if he'd been some hot chick, the incident might not have ever been reported.......

"...you never know what people are carrying in their saliva."

Or where they got it.

The long tongue of the law. He was a slippery sort, but he left a trail.

He was wanted, dead or saliva.

El, I agree. Perhaps someone like HER??

Apologies to John Cameron Swayze
"Take a licking and keep on ticketing."

Lol, ig. The crime-lick maneuver?

Exactly,Siouxie! lol

stevie, you're killin' me! "crime-lick" now that's pretty damned funny.

"From now on all Freeport officers are being urged to keep donut glaze and sprinkles off of their uniforms in order to prevent future incidents such as this."

I don't know, I can kinda see how this could happen .

O/T Um, can someone please ask judi to talk to the Blog and update the Herald Hunt site? It's got all last year's info. Thanks.

end O/T

All that and you didn't ee if anyone wanted a drink? You're slipping bali

tosses errant 's' up where it belongs

Evenin' all!

bali, I'm sure she will when they actually more info.

Even Andy hasn't updated HIS HUNT website

The only thing that anyone knows so far is the date.

Hiya Siouxie

How's things?

Pajama Party @ Siouxie's! With KC BBQ and crabs. Oh, and wine. ;)

med, I'd not boast about the crabs, if I were you...

Just sayin'

(In the army, we were told crabs can jump up to 6 feet!)

Cj has the crabs. I gots the BBQ. just sayin.

Geez, Med, you find out I'm comin' and you immediately bring up the crabs??

I'm bringin the tequila! That stuff'll kill anything.

Awesome, bali!

I hear Tequila makes your clothes fall off. Siouxie told me.

Not me, Med. I start out nekkid. Saves time.

Um..things are great, jug - how goes it with ju? ;-)

Apparently, I'm having a Pajama party LOL (Med...let's make sure to specify that the crabs are the edible kind.

Oh. I bet PJ's are mandatory, huh.


Bali, indeed. The delicious kind - stone crab claws. You'll have to fight me for 'em. ;)

The Floridians were all engrossed with the BBQ, whilest I was enamored by the seafood. I polished them off.


Hmmmmmmm, Med. What can I bring to the party? Shall I make a killer dessert?

Hmmmm.... how about some chalk beer? Oklahomas finest.

And a sleeping bag

bali, you and I can have a Dessert Cage Match, if you want. I made brownies with coffee frosting last year.

Oh, and PJs are optional. Nudity is mandatory!

Sleeping bag? Check.

Chalk beer? Never heard of it. Seriously? I'll go on a hunt for it this weekend in OKC.

Beware Tequila.

Q! Glad to see ya. Do we really wanna go THERE? ;)

Med, I am salivating at the thought of more Oklahoma Joe's!


Ooh, Ms. Q, it's on! Chocolate cherry cheesecake, anyone?

Q, even Wyo was asking if there were leftovers... and he didn't seem excited about BBQ! How is that POSSIBLE?

LOL Suz...and an awesome dessert it was!

Well I'm putting up my house...so ya'll figure out what you want to bring ;-P

med, I simply played it close to the vest.

the BBQ was worth killin' for.

yup, it was.

Indeed it was, Wyo. TO DIE FOR!!! so were the stone crabs (which are a fav of mine).

*wonders how far stone crabs can jump.*

Sir, they don't need to jump. I'm more then happy to grab 'em and bring 'em up to my salivating mouth.

Wyo, just take your lasso in case they try to get too far.

then = than

*blames the wine*

Pajama party at Siouxie's? That's got Trouble written all over it.

some pictures may be too graphic, Sioux.

(I don't own pj's.)

reckon I should just stay home.

Hmm huh, jugster. With a capital TROUBLE.

Siouxie why do I get the feeling that a PJ Party at your house would end up with the media being alerted?

If judi and dave are 'the media' then you are correct in your assumption, jug.

*impatiently awaits party footage*

Evening Med, LTNS. How are you doing?

Wyo?? pictures?? we're shootin' VIDEO this time! ;-P

Come sit by me, Wyo. Since we'll both be nekkid, it'll be easier for everyone else to stare look elsewhere.

Uh, suuuuuuuuuuure Bali. By the way, I never knew you had a mole there?

Yes, you did.

jug - just peachy. thx for askin'. tho.... you should take knee and elbow pads to wyoming, when you visit.


I know why, Med, but he doesn't. *laughs like a mental patient*

I'm quite confident, that if I were sittin' there nekkid, everyone would find something else to gaze upon. quite confident.

Med...NEVER travel without proper knee-padding equipment.

*packing mine for the cruise*

Wyo, are you saying they'd be gazin' on me? Cuz that's really sweet. (The check's in the mail.)

Um Med, I 'm not sure I wanna know about the knee pads, but glad to hear you are peachy.

And Bali? Oh, just never mind.

bali, I'm no competition. none whatsoever.

Wyo, if you could make your mole hop like a bunny like Bali can, then you might get some attention

Jug? I never did.

Never did what Bali?


Bali has a mole?? and it jumps?

hu nu?

jug, if a chicken isn't sacrificed at Siouxie's partaaaay, why would the media care? (Plus, my sis is a cop, so I can call off the troops.)

bali: Bring it!!! It is ON. We can smear chocolate and cherries and coffee frosting on everyone!

Med, I can't wait to see you again. And your BBQ.

Siouxie: Video? Ack!!

Psst- Siouxie. I think I wasn't supposed to mention that trick in public. Let's keep it on the down low,k?

Oh, for anyone not in the know, the basic food groups at Siouxie's are meat, seafood, chocolate and wine. Very balanced!

Another point of reference, for anyone not camping literate: NEVER put your tennies tooo close to the fire. The soles melt. No SHIT.

Suzy? be careful. When Bali gets smeared in chocolate her blood sugar does crazy things and, well, let's just say you should get nervous and make sure there aren't any feathers close by.

Med that musta smelled kinda like driving through Gary Indiana.

Med, when I lived in Seattle, we called our tennis shoes, 'tennie runners'. That at all familiar to you? (Just never heard anyone else say "tennies".)

And a jumping mole is a tick, and I don't have one.

Jug does. Annie told me.

It was not either a tick. I promise I won't say a word to them about that trick you do with whipping cream and a roman candle.

ok, jug...shhhhhhhshing now

la la la

Thank you, Siouxie. I'm bringing chocolate cherry cheesecake.

Thanks Siouxie
Um, have you ever considered singing lessons?


Suz...those are the 4 basic food groups.

I thought the four basic food groups were: frozen, delivery, drive thru, and Mom's House.

This sux! Been out riding all night, come home to walk the hound before going back out, and see there's a naked bacchanaal at Siouxie's! And with stone crabs!! Ah well, I'll have to make it up at the next spontaneous bash.

Sioux, they worked last year; I see no reason to change.  ;)

bali:  You are goin' down!  Can't wait to wrestle you in chocolate delights.  Ha!

It is a skanky smell and a nasty feeling when one finds their tennies melted next to the fire. Dayam.

Hence, the fashion show.

Coach, I've heard them crabs can jump 6 feet high. Wyo told me.

Um...coach?? no back anal at MY house!

Med look at the bright side- it probably helped keep the mosquitoes away.


Yikes, Sioux! And on that note, I'm going to bed. (Yer killin me!) Y'all sleep good, and plan on my cheesecake .) Night, Hunnies!

Good night, baligurl. Try not to dream of our Cage Match...too much! *mwah*

Is there such a thing as front anal???

I'm going to bed with Bali, er like Bali.

Good night folks

Why do you want to know, MS? Trying out new positions?

You blogettes enjoy the party, I'm going back out to dodge the drunks, tourists, and immigrants.

(And Suzy, who said that's a new position?)

Oh, I never said it was new, MS. Just thought is might be new to you. But, if not? Well, then, carry on. And fly your freak flag proudly!


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