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July 25, 2008


Dear Sir/Maddam,
           With regards to you and your company,am willfred wilson from USA(PA) and will like to make an enquiry on (Ramp Door Stab Jacks) .Advise back with their models and their prices of each model that you have instock.I will also need your location and your payment options in order to proceed with this order.Thank you.

willfred wilson


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Apparently they are insulting your manhood and insisting you buy their product of unknown origin.

I think I heard the Ramp Door Stab Jacks open for Metallica.

Although...Ramp Door Stab Jacks could BAGNFARB

Woa! Psychotic Psychic musical simul, Danny.

Sometimes I wonder if among all the spam, there are actual people who write like that. And then can't figure out why they never, EVER get replies.

Willfred Wilson...not to be confused with Wilfred Willson.

Write him back and say we're fresh out of ramp door stab jacks, but we can make him a heck of a deal on climax shaft collars.

It looks like he wants to BUY something from you, so you should just make up a price list and send it to him. Maybe you could have plastic Ramp Door Stab Jacks, then aluminum, titanium, platinum, and gold-plated, with appropriate escalating prices.

The weird thing is there is something called a ramp door stab jack. It's a trailer/RV thing. I know because one day a friend was showing me their RV and said, '. . .and you use the ramp door stab jack to. . .'

I couldn't get those words out of my head for the rest of the day.

Chloe, are you listening to this? I don't like the sound of it...

i like braniff's idea. make up a list of products, and prices. use rupees tho, because it just feels like you should.

"It's a trailer/RV thing." Hence the reason for the inability to write a coherent paragraph.

Simple - he has Dave confused with the people at Trucknamerica.com which does sell them.

Maybe with this guy

Or, you could just obtain a price list from various "models" in South Beach limo buses.

We have trailer parks here in Florida??

babblefish transalation

I think he means: RAMP DOOR and STABILIZER JACKS which are trailer parts.

Stabilizer jacks...oh. That makes sense. At first I thought that Stab Jack was a sequel to Kill Bill Part 2.

No stab Jack - kill Bill Three. At least, in my book - or my job, either one... As I said , it's been one of THOSE days - all week.

Dave - accept only Euros.

Is our spammers learning?

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