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June 25, 2008


'X-Men' Frogs

(Thanks to sjhaller)

(We think maybe we blogged this before, but you can't be too careful, with X-Men frogs.)


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Oh, no! cg - DON'T LOOK!!

OK - they definitely bear more resemblance to Robert Englund than Hugh *dreamy sigh* Jackman.

You don't mess with the Astylosternus perreti...
If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that....

This is nothin'... Siouxie can sprout MACHETES on demand!

*sets adjectives to 'stun'*

pierce their way to functionality

Sounds like my prom night.

MSNBC has now reported a clawed frog has punched Brian Williams in the jaw and 'symmetricalized' him.

"Most vertebrates do a much better job of keeping their skeletons inside," he added.

I can really feel my self-esteem pumping now.

Haha, that guy Blackburn is a virgin weenie.

Since Dave doesn't ride the geezer bus, he probably didn't get my e-mail subject line: "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!"

But us geezers, we remember Froggy the Gremlin ... right?

Nasty toad! Shoo!

But are they dashing and urbane?

What's funny about this is I think Dave posted it first and then again. judi will of course, be fired.


So you're telling me Frogger should be able to puncture tires?

... why's that not built into the game? Heck, give them a fighting chance.

Okay, ouch. Now that's a fear-based mechanism. I'm really very glad that sharp bones don't rip out of my fingers every time I watch a scary TV show.

Here's a geezer earwig for ya -- with a twist.

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