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June 24, 2008


And it is a name that we will not make fun of.

(Thanks to Cathy Seidenberg)


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What? I don't see anything to make fun of.

nice one, FP!

LOL Punkin!

I'm sure no one made fun of him when he was growing up either.

I also find nothing funny on this page.

BTW, check out my new blog on Solid Waste Management systems on the go.

I'd say he might go by the nickname Jack, but that doesn't exactly help things.

In that case I should let everyone know that according to the new TV Guide, this coming Monday (June 30) at 9 PM the History Channel will air a 2-hour special called "All About Dung", further described as "A history of excrement, including a 14,000-year-old dung deposit in Oregon, a mountain in Borneo made of bat guano, and an Indian housewarming ritual involving cow dung". No doubt there will be plenty of frolicking dung beetles too. I would love to know how they pitched this show to potential advertisers...

When this country wants a strong, healthy, clear stream of water, you can get it from.... the EPA.

Huh? What'd you think I was going to say?

What's so funny about "John"?

With that name and that job I wonder at what age he started taking Lavitra.

Marg'ville- it's slang for toilet. *snicker* I said "toilet".

/OT- Video of whale shark dive on my site./OT

Oh, and *snork* at Cat R.

MartiniShark, I love that you don't know how to spell "Levitra." Unfortunately, I do.

well, Suzy Q- I always knew you had balls!

That's right, Suzy, never heard of the stuff. Nope, never had a need for 'em. Though I did have a manager on my route say they should give a free sample of "Them pee pills" with every third pitcher of beer. In a way that made sense.

MartiniShark Would they then be living Levitra Loca?

Prostitutes must really enjoy this guy's name.

What a dick.

You know TV advertising for drugs has gone too far when my six year old tells me this morning that she didn't sleep too well last night and could we please get her some Lunesta™.

*snork* at JayP
Punkin- that is just plain wrong.

OK- so I'm off to fight Darwin. See y'all later!

Reminds of the old commercial... "Bear Whiz Beer, made downstream from pure Rocky Mountain spring water... that's why it's yellow..."

Dear Mr. Olives:

Kindly refrain from referencing our material without permission.

Thank you.

hurriedly files quitclaim on all references to Bear Whiz beer

"It's in the water..."

Poor guy. To make matters worse, people make fun of his five sons, too -- Ben, Bob, Chase, Pat, and Dustin.

Not to mention Holden, the newly arrived number six.

*waves at ddd too long after she's gone*

MS: "pee pills"? Heh.

Danny, you forgot Phil.

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