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June 25, 2008


German road turns into beer lake

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Police in southern Germany say that 200 crates of beer spilled from delivery truck and formed a slippery beer puddle that disrupted traffic for over an hour - but caused no injuries.

It was cleaned up in record time, as the entire town came out, straws at the ready, and sucked the street dry.

that beats the whole "streets paved in gold" fantasy.

People. Who need beer. Are the luckiest blurp! people...

Bottles crashed onto the highway flooding it with foamy wheat beer and disrupting traffic for 90 minutes. And they say there's no such thing as too much head, tsk.

Grab a pretzel and suck that beer!


It was wheat beer. Tragically, there were no truckloads of oranges or lemons to be found, but the village people cowboyed up and soldiered on anyway, policing up the beer, constructing safety barricades and then biked home.

10K pounds of beer is a tragic loss. With the exchange rate, that's like $100,000, right?

Locals were asked to leave the scene, but many of them tried repeatedly to double bock.

That explains Kibby's German road trip.

10,000 Euro is $15580 US or $77.90 per case??

I'll make sure to raise a glass in memory of all the weissbiers that didn't get to fulfill their destiny bringing happiness to humankind.

*wipes tear*
Oh, the humanity! I'm having a maltdown!

*shakes fist*
It has me hopping mad!

You have to believe me, dear--I was minding my own business on the way home when I saw this little honey lager in trouble on the side of the road and when I tried to get her top put back on all these Belgian Blondes threw themselves at me.

Correctly described as a "tragedy" and not an accident.

JayP ~

It's fun to drive on the

Bava-rian High-way!

Cat R: Know what goes good with beer? Nachos, nachos, man!

I've got to have

Some nachos, man!

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