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June 26, 2008


Now they're using Sofa Rash, which would also be a good name for a rock band.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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"The sofas, imported from China..."

THey would be, wouldn't they?

Couch potato eyes?

Is that kinda like carpet burn?

*blink* *blink*

*hair flip*

From China? Everything from China is made of either sawdust or pre prerpared plaster mix. Including medicine.

Well that's some impressive plaster.

Impressive plaster boffins WBAGNFARB, IMO.

Tracey Hayes developed a rash across her legs, bottom and back last year. She told BBC Breakfast she spent four weeks in hospital as a result...

Another solicitor, Julia Appleton, told the BBC: "One of the concerns is that we don't know how far this problem has spread. "

Ms. Appleton, Ms. Hayes just told you how far it spread!

My Ex had a bad case of sofa rash...it was from spending too much time sitting on his ass sofa.

Can I sit this one out?

In an apparently unrelated story, the French have just surrendered... news at 11.

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