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June 25, 2008


The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) (yes, that is the actual acronym used in the story) has successfully attacked a toilet.


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MILFs attacking a toilet? That is some p0rn I never want to see. Hm. Or maybe it wasn't for p0rn - maybe they were just fed up with low-flow.

(Perhaps in this case it should be the MoroN Islamic Liberation Front....)

This is really shoddy journalism....

No mention if the toilet retaliated and no description of the MILF so we could decide if she was hot or not....

Who writes this crap?

Actually, it was just someone with explosive diarrhea, but MILF too credit for it.

shunts a k into previous post.

Ain't no MILF *I* know wants to take credit for that, JayP!

Caning was not a deterrent for instigating such an attack? WTMILF.

Threatening to kill a defenseless toilet is just not right.
Right, Dave?

Liberation Front? Are back to talking about bras?

I thought that was 'Libation Front.' I was going to buy Meanie a drink for his b'day.

You guys see what happens when you leave the seat up ??

What else could it possibly stand for?

This actually makes sense. The soldiers were ordered to take out the head of the Army base - the plotters should have been more specific.

M16 rifle fire?

How do they know?

Thank god no tomatoes were served that day.

I notice no-one was credited on this one. No-one wants to admit Googling "MILF", I take it?

Fine. I'll admit it. I Googled DILF.

Did the French surrender?

What are you saying, Dave?

How many times has Dave posted about exploding toilets on this blog, and only NOW we know (not no) it's due to MILF? And clark, I agree, we need pictures of the MILF in question (photo 9)

...or even better

You really are!

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