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June 23, 2008


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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My dad never bought me any lingere...

Aren't they a little big for her?

I'm guessing they're a little big for anyone who posts to this blog.

Even me.

He can always use it as a baby hammock.

She'll be the envy of the kindergarten with her size DD front-loading, lace-edged sippie cup holsters.

He could also fasten it into one of those interactive blankets with a zipper to practice zipping and grommets to practice lacing and tying. The fasteners on the lingerie could really develop those fine motor skills.

He must have skydiving plans.

You must watch a lot of television, Mr. Birkhead. Most people get by with only one satellite dish.

editorial blunder of the week so far:
"lingerie worn by late ex Anna Nicole Smith"

Does that mean that his ex, Anna Nicole Smith, was late, or it's the ex-Anna Nicole SMith who was late, or that She's dead and late, or the Dead person once known as Anna Nicole, or.....

It boggles the mind, in a macabre sort of way.

It means that Anna Nicole Smith was made of latex, I think.

Or at least parts of her were. NTTAWWT.

LOL Meanie! as were most of her clothes.

Que Sara, I'd be careful there; we already heard about one gal whose thong shot a grommet into her eye. Or maybe it was a Wallace, I forget...

They've got a link on there for "Other Stars Gone Too Soon." Other than who? All the other stuff's about Anna Nicole Smith.

Oh wait, I get it....

Or maybe it was a Wallace, I forget..

It was a William Wallace. I heard it shout "FREEDOM!" from here.

Larry Birkhead ???

Couldn't he just buy her an issue of the Playboy she was in? It would probably be cheaper.

well, isnt that special.

"No Danny, those panties don't have a hole in the middle, Mummee wanted a pair made that way. She had - what's that stuff you get from books . . . oh yea, class!""

ewwww MartiniShark! Those are skanky panties!

Bless his heart...always thinking of what's best for the children. Hope he's also saved Anna's little pill containers in which sweet Danielynn can store her tiny Barbie shoes. Watta' Dad! Sniff.

Siouxie, you forgetting who the previous owner was of said foundation garmets?

That poor kid is going to grow up into one really screwed-up adult!

Larry Brickhead...what a dad.

They're for the kid...yeah, that's it...for the kid.

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