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June 23, 2008


The palm frond can also be used for good.

(Thanks to Danny)


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Looks like he got by with a little help from his fronds.

Is Palm Frond Australian slang for something else?

Given the previous palm story, I think that this was staged in an effort to prevent government interference and bureaucracy with respects to palm frond ownership.

You mean they carry unregistered concealed palm fronds there? Crikey!

This is exactly why I never case feral pigs. Well, not anymore.

chase even

I think the croc had dibs on the pig . . .

"Mr Bartlett said he had an uneasy feeling as soon as he followed the pig into the undergrowth"

That always seems to make me nervous, too. Not to mention the pig...

Anybody want to hear the laxative fern joke?

heh! they said pandanus.

"He's the biggest one I've seen in my life," he told a local newspaper.

The croc or the pandanus?

However, do NOT try this at home...

If I didn't chase feral pigs, I wouldn't have any dates at all! Huh... whut... oh you mean the porcine kind. Never mind.

Hey, everybody, padraig's gonna tell a joke.


Wait a minute, is spam made from pork? Well then, I guess this is an appropriate topic for it post into.

*still waiting for pad's joke*

*taps foot*


A famous botanist returns from a tour of the South Seas seeking new medicinal plants. At his press conference he describes a fern native to a small island in the South Pacific that the natives have historically used as a cleansing laxative.

A reporter asks, "How well would something like that work?"

The botanist replies, "Oh, quite well as it turns out. In fact, with fronds like this, who needs enemas?"

HAH! TOO FUNNY! I guess funniegrrl and I were thinking along those lines the other day.


With fronds like that ...

Posted by: funniegrrl | 11:38 AM on June 21, 2008

Who needs enemas??


Posted by: Siouxie | 11:48 AM on June 21, 2008

A pandanus doesn't need an enema? What?

I don't believe it.

Speaking from his Cairns hospital bed

WTF do they put in the water in Cairns anyway? Are there any normal people who don't get bitten on the dick by snakes or attacked by crocodiles or drive their motorised wheelchairs drunk out of their mind?

Or is that just rhetorical?

Anyone? Bueller?

You call that a palm frond? Now this is a palm frond.

leaf me alone....

Okay, so this guy who is out hunting wild pig grabs a palm frond to defend himself against a salt water crocodile? The obvious question from my viewpoint is, "Why didn't he pick a better weapon?" Maybe then he wouldn't have ended up in hospital! And my wife immediately replies, "Maybe that's the best thing he could find at hand". But this begs yet another question... Just what did he plan on using to hunt the pig?

Monsoon, why do you think he had the palm frond?

Whenever I want me a pig, that's how I get one.

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