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June 23, 2008


Visually impaired Canadian stock-car racers

(Which would be a good name for a rock band)

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Amongst all her 'accompolishments', Helen Keller didn't win the Daytona 500?

*inserts "and sidewalks" into dave's headline*

They would still be better drivers than most people in Miami. Just sayin...*hehe*

*Smacks* Rick! I happen to be an excellent driver ;-P

I was having the most fun I'd had in an automobile in my life.

* flashes back to high school *
* feels sorry for Mr. Malla *

Anybody else have that "Get a Florida License" ad at the top of the page?

Get these people out from behind the wheel and let them go back to work as Zamboni operators!

this one?

Siouxie, are you channeling Rain Man this morning?

well, maybe our legally blind governor here in nys can get a drivers license.
um, duh.

Definitely not, Layzee ;=P

I can attest to Siouxie's excellent driving kills. H3!!, I'm still alive after Saturday night, right?
Of course, she did need a cracker-jack navigator to advise on which lanes to utilize.

I can attest to Siouxie's excellent driving kills.

Usually the call that "testifying".

I dunno'. Who IS the NY governor this week? Jeez, you folks should probably get a revolving door on that mansion...

So far no subpoena.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I got you home safely, did I not???

I met hizzoner the Gov of NY in the United Red Carpet Club at O'Hare on Friday. Actually he seems like a nice guy.

Layzee, he is.

Zamboni Operator WBAGNFARB, by the way.

Up north in Cheese Country we have special HUNTING licenses for the visually impaired. So this doesn't seem so bad by comparison, I mean, there are walls on the race track, right? Keeps them to a limited area at least.

When you think about blind hunters, remember that most of the animals they hunt are pretty darn quiet and even the sighted hunters get the impulse to blast away anything that rustles in the bushes.

I have a legally blind friend with a Washington State driver's license. Without his glasses, he has to hold books about four inches from his eyes to read. But with his glasses, which apparently correct some massive astigmatism, he's good to go.

That said, I still take the precaution of living approximately four states away from him. And one country.

Try this:


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