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June 26, 2008


Robot snakes.

Turn the sound down before you click, because a loud irritating video starts up.

(Thanks to Chris Lawson) (For the item, we mean. He had nothing to do with the video.) (As far as we know.)


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This will go great with my robotic mongoose!

(scanning down) You rented out the bot to TechDigest??

Will they be battery-operated?? Annie wants to know.

algorithms that tell it how to navigate pipework, and what tasks to carry out while in there.

So this whole snake in the toilet thing has been a government plot all along? They are checking our feces to monitor our eating habits, eh? Spying on us through the last bastion of solace and peace available to men throughout the world, the toilet? Or are they just checking to see if we finally finished that sudoku book we keep on the back of the crapper?

JayP, this toilet spying is nothing new. Louis XIV, for example, used to station spies inside the outhouses.

That would be a sh!tty job.

Norweigians? We've got our own robot snake right here in the US of A. Saw it at DARPATech last year:

So suck it, Norway.

Linky linky is gone....sigh..........

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