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June 23, 2008


Laptop wedding cakes.

(Via Gizmodo)


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We GOTTA' get one of these for the next bloglit party!!!!!!

FIRST to ask if they want to get divorced do they just ctrl-alt-delete? or Esc?

'cept that judi might be "in her cups" again & start tapping away madly on the cake, which would cause her to shake off the crumbs & frosting... FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Vista 64 rulz dude.

It just had to be JDate.

Just as long as they are not 'AC/DC' . . .

Layzee - or backspace backspace backspace

Good thinking, ec.


[insert "hardware/RAM/software/floppy" crude comment here]

Can they make those C64s instead of laptops?

Back in the old days we didn't have fancy dating services? We ahd to do it the old fashioned way. Listserv.

I can't get over imaging how much time it must have taken them to bake and frost those crazy cakes.

I hate crafty people and their time-sucking, cutesy activities.

pictures the reception...
everyone all together enjoying taking photos of each other while live blogging the happy event and communicating via blackberry.

sounds familiar don't it, cg??

in my day we'd have to type 'delete *.*' to get divorced...

Should have used UNIX, Insom. rm * is so much shorter.

Oh, joy - two e-nerds took each other out of circulation. Less wasted date-time for the rest of us. Hopefully they'll now save gas and the environment and stay home to e-scrapbook the rest of their lives.

Mas cafe, por favor.

Here ya go, Annie.

deja vu, cg, deja vu...

Thank you, Siouxie. And kudos to the bloggers who didn't jump to the conclusion that this might be an entirely different type of 'laptop cake.'
(not sure if we're cleaning up our act or losing our touch)

"Do you (enter name and password here if not already on file) promise to LOL at his jokes even if they're not funny?

And do you (ditto) promise to say her wallpaper and screensavers are cute, even though pictures of kittens saying mangled english make you retch?

Please read the following 'Terms of Service' and continue by clicking 'I Accept'.

Finally if there are any problems, do you promise to send an error report to Micr*s*ft? We can't help you, it just makes our lives seem less meaningless.

By the power vested in me by the Intel Corporation and Redmond, Washington, I now pronounce you user and wife. You may now text the bride."

His and Hers.

LOL insom. I'm wondering if they'll outsource the hornymooon...

bwaahaaa insom. dont forget, you may have to turn your spouse off and re-start. G-d forbid you should forget the password.
oh, note to bill gates: VISTA is a useless waste of computer space.

Oh, insom. That virtual ceremony made me virtually cry. And short out my keyboard.

What? No floppy disc or hard drive comments?

I tried, Layzee. I tried.

We are cleaning up our acts.

*Inserts flash drive into lower port*
*Hits ENTER*

That better?

OT, I just went through both Detroit papers as well as USA Today. Apparently all three went to press too early to take note of George Carlin's passing, and I bet they're all kicking themselves over it too...

Yes, Meanie. As long as you used protection

Steve - they're in Detroit. They kick themselves anyway.

Annie, I resemble that remark...


Excellent, insom.

I hate crafty people and their time-sucking, cutesy activities.

Posted by: Melody Platz | 11:20 AM on June 23, 2008

Amen, sister.

With a headline like "Lap-top Wedding Cakes" I was expecting something a little more...biological.

"Should have used UNIX, Insom. rm * is so much shorter."

When I started using UNIX,we had to chisel the commands on he chassis.

I keep picturing caketop figurines of the PC and Mac guy from the TV ads.

That's only in California and Massachusetts, Lairbo.

*tosses 't' up a couple of posts*


1. Hope those were MacBooks and not Dells (OS/X is
a _real_ operating system, like FreeBSD, Ubuntu,
Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Slackware, etc)

2. The 'rm' could be incorporated into:

ps -ef | grep "marriage" | awk '{ print $2 }' | xargs kill -9 (or an -exec rm -f {} ';' )...

(DISCLAIMER: I also work all day long with SQL Server on Windows 2005, but my heart goes to Oracle on UNIX.....)

My first attempt at online dates involved a 1200 baud modem and 'kermit'. Alas, all I got was a very slow frog(ger). But not much has changed over the years:

rm -rf /
delete /noconfirm [*...]*.*;*
How about a bulk eraser for this loser prenup, Lucy?
Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a DOS FORMAT C:
Anne Boleyn, let me introduce you to FDISK ...

Think of the many kinds of things you can contract, with cellophane shrinkwrap!

I taught my daughter to sing "I'm your Boogieman" whenever she blows her nose.

This has nothing to do with anything, except bring the conversation back to the level of my own Mental Operating System.

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