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June 26, 2008


Never mind.

Key Quote Indicating the Ruthlessness Required of a Penny Farthing Operator:

 "I thought, 'Well, there's a car there, and there's a car there, and (a young girl) was in the gap. If I hit the cars, it's going to damage my bike and hurt me.If I hit her, it will be a softer landing for me, and she'd learn something from it. Everyone's a winner!' So, I ran her over."

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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Makes sense to me.

(I, of course, have been drinking)

Ah, for the simpler days of yesteryear, when bicycles were unencumbered by such things as gears or brakes.


I remember when my mom was learning to drive. Her instructor told her that if she absolutely had no alternative but to crash into something, she should aim for the softest target.

My mom replied, "Well, wouldn't that be a pedestrian?"

(I learned to drive from my aunt, BTW.)

I would suggest wearing a different bicycle club's shirt so it would be tougher to track down the *&^*&^ who ran over a pedestrian, but that's just me.

*was kinda lookin' forward to a guy on a penny... dang!


just proves the old coaching mantra: "The name on the FRONT of the jersey is a he11 of a lot more important than the one on the BACK"

*snork* @ Cat's mom (who deserves an honorary Florida driver's license)

It's such a comfort to know chivalry is not dead.

?? I always figured this was where Cat learned to drive...

Do a search for "penny farthing."
I won't. And you can't make me.

Margaritaville - chivalry may not be dead, but I think it got run over.

Every time I see one of those bikes I think of this great show -- anyone out there remember this?

And of course Ron Grainer's great score...

Well I hope it gets back up and shakes it off, Annie.

Chivalry is alive, it's just recovering from having its balls yanked off by a few militant feminists.

NTTAWWFeminism. Heck, I married a feminist. It's the people who get offended when I try to do something nice for them, because they assume about me that I must be assuming about them....blah blah blah. OK, enough emoting.

Anyone got an extra beer.

It's ok JP. I'm not a feminist. I like it when guys hold the door open for me (even if I'm well capable of holding it myself) and not slam it in my face. THAT makes me angry!

You may buy all us blog wimmin a drink while you're at it ;-P

JayP - quit trying to be nice or I'll have to smack you.

Two stories from Frederick in one day...the new Sandusky? or merely the new Mysore?

"I am not a number...I am a FREE MAN!"

Points to the first one who makes the connection!

Sound right. There is an a**hole one a penny farthing who rides around Palo Alto, CA who has absolutely no respect for pedestrians or others.

I watched one day while he appeared to be on a cell phone. He quickly switched sides of the street, the wrong side, and surprised a poor lady getting out of her car who had to duck back. He nether slowed down or apologized.

I think that is called aggression.

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